Effective Managerial Communication in Public Speaking: President Obama State of the Union Address 2013

Effective Managerial Communication in Public Speaking: President Obama State of the Union Address 2013

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, all member of Congress and all citizens, I am here today to make proposals on what we need to do to avert the negative trends in our country today. Despite the many positive changes experienced in the economic sector through increased employment opportunities and general economic growth, the country’s budget deficit is yet to be covered. To better address this issue and cover the remaining deficit, it is essential for reforms to be made in the sectors of heath through modification of Medicare for the elderly.

Other changes proposed include tax reforms, expansion of the manufacturing industry, establishment of the clean energy sector, changes in infrastructure and the modification of the education system with particular focus on pre-school and high school education qualities. Each of the proposed reforms will help in creation of more employment opportunities, increase in revenue and reduction of the budget deficit.

In addition to these, I also propose changes in border security and more stringent immigration regulations. The sustainable economic growth of the country will also require effective anti-terrorism action, not by sending forces abroad, but through helping countries in which war is prevalent to attain their own security and peace. Despite the end of the fight against al-Qaeda, different forces still exist to oppose national growth such as cyber attacks, which we are struggling to, contain.

In other roles, America will remain as a source of hope for the impoverished countries through efforts to eradicate extreme poverty across the world. This country will also aim at eradicating HIV/ AIDs prevalence through advocacy for preventive measures. To protect the sovereignty of the country, it will be crucial to protect the identities and lives of those tasked with protecting the country such as the military.

Despite these recommendations, I cannot achieve the objectives on my own. I therefore request for the vote of congress in all these aspects as they surely deserve your votes.

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