Education Essay Paper on Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Student 1

Assistive technology should be considered in the case of Mary who is unable to write notes during the class sessions. There are certain possible technological options in relation to the case that includes the use of electronic pointing devices. The use of Assistive Technology would be relevant in providing access to the notes and reading materials to Mary. Assistive Technology will involve the adoption of computer programs that overcome her disability. The use of electronic pointing devices would be appropriate in the case of Mary. The electronic pointing devices relates to the Assistive Technology that can be controlled without the use of hands. The devices include the use of Infrared beams, eye movements, brain motions, and nerve signals. These forms of responses are relevant in the case of Mary who is unable to move her hand.

The adoption of Assistive Technology is useful in the case of children with disabilities, more so if they are unable to move their hands. The modern technology has helped to ensure that all students are able to learn irrespective of their disabilities. The parents of Mary should consider the approach of Assistive Technology appropriate more than the electronic pointing devices. Therefore, the use of Assistive Technology would be helpful in the case above of Mary overcoming her disability.

Student 2

In terms of the case of Peter, Assistive Technology should be used in order to alleviate the cases of visual impairment in the society. In spite of his high intelligence abilities and excellent auditory attentions, Peter is unable to see the screens due to the problem of visual impairment. The use of refreshable Braille displays would help Peter to overcome her sight problems. In most occasions, the visual impairment in Peter would affect the outcome of learning and reading in the school. The Braille defies the tactile output provided in computer screens. The computer displays relates to the different combination of cells into actual letters. The approach is mechanized among Braille characters. Thus, students with disabilities of visual impairment including Peter can be able to read and refreshing of displays for additional learning.

Another option is the use of screen enlargers. It is also advisable for Peter to use the magnifying glass that increases the eligibility of the different items in the computers. Some of the enlargers relates to the enhancement of the different computerized approach to zoom the reading materials. Screen readers are also relevant in promoting the verbalization of texts and the menus. As a result, the use of the Assistive Technology for Peter includes the screen readers, screen enlargers, and the Braille displays that reduce the impairment issue.

Student 3

            After two years of normal development, Frank was paralyzed and was unable his move his neck down. There should be appropriate consideration on the adoption of the Assistive technology on the case. This will helps to promote his access to the reading materials in the classrooms. The use of Assistive Technology is appropriate in the case of Frank. Most importantly, the use of the on-screen keyboards offers modified images on the computer screens. The modified images help the person’s with inabilities to read the notes and information on the computer screens. The on-screen keyboards operates with the selected keys comprising of a mouse, joystick, and other additional pointing devices. In addition, the onscreen key board has options for scanning the different highlights selected by the different users.

The on-screen keyboards have been instrumental in promoting the ability of the students to gain access to learning materials. Importantly, the use of the Assistive Technology relates to the adoption of the on-screen keyboards and related services in order to eradicate the mobility difficulties. Therefore, the adoption of on-screen boards and related technologies helps to minimize the difficulties of mobility in Frank. This would make Frank capable of reading with other students without many difficulties.

Journal Question

Based on the required reading and the video, there are three issues important in promoting education among the students with disabilities. The first issue is that Assistive technology has provided progression of the students with disabilities every day. The students with disabilities’ entirely rely on the Assistive Technology in order to get their lives going. For example, a student unable to move is unable to move from one place to another in absence of the Assistive Technology. The second issue that can note from the video is that there is lack of planning and funding in providing Assistive Technology. Since, it is not implemented too much. This can be due to the lack of awareness of the technologies in the schools.

The third issue noted is that Assistive Technology has been seen as a key in meeting your own dreams in life. In spite of the disabilities preventing the participation of students on the of school activities, the Assistive technology has been as possible way of making the students useful and active. It is important to introduce students with disabilities to Assistive technology. For instance, in Californian, students with disabilities are introduced to computers at an early age. Assistive technology is programmed to accommodate students with all forms of disabilities in the society. The technological options have also been developed to meet the needs of the different students with disabilities in the society.