Economic Factors Affecting Agribusiness

Economic Factors Affecting Agribusiness

Examining the economic factors affecting agribusiness is important for every farmer or investor who wishes to pump resources into the sector. Agribusiness is agriculture or farming for the sole purpose of trade. In such a setting, all the produce harvested from the farm is mainly for sale and not home consumption. This means the farmer has to make decisions similar to that of a businessman, whose wish is to deliver high quality products in enough quantities for higher returns.

Despite the business aspect of agribusiness, it should be noted that it involves farming. This implies the success does not only depend on making decisions that can ensure profitability. There are other factors too that should be considered for success in agribusiness.

The Main Economic Factors Affecting Agribusiness

Based on the region, there are various economic factors that can determine the success or failure of agribusiness. However, the following are the main economic factors affecting agribusiness that should always be examined before investing in the field.


Just like other forms of investments, agribusiness requires capital to start. This implies one who is willing to venture into agribusiness must have enough capital to finance all the operations as outlined. Without adequate financing, operations are likely to be paralyzed, thereby negatively impacting profitability.

There are various places where agribusiness can thrive quite well but many people are reluctant to get into the wagon because of limited finances. If there is capital and proper financing, agribusinesses are able to expand into many markets and widen their revenue bases for maximum profits.

Bargaining power of buyers

The buyers represent the market and demand for agricultural products. Just like in other businesses, the profitability of agribusiness relies on the availability of the market and demand for the produce. When there are fewer buyers in the market, it means demand is low and the business will not be able to make tangible profits. On the other hand, higher demand gives agribusinesses the power to control prices for greater returns.

Stiff Competition

Agribusiness is one of the industries with very high competition. However, the level of rivalry can also depend on the number of businesses, products on demand and exit barriers. This implies every investor has to strive to deliver only the best in order to beat the competition. Before investing in agribusiness, it is important to consider the players in the industry and what they offer in order to come up with a good strategy that can give an added advantage over them.

For the agribusiness to do well in the industry, it should come into the industry with a unique offering in order to eliminate the competition or create a new standard in the game. For example, you may consider introducing new agricultural products in the market, setting low prices among others.

Bargaining power of suppliers      

Suppliers can pose threats to the profitability of agribusinesses when they increase the prices of their products or impact the quality and quantity of those products. If the suppliers are few, it means they have greater power in the market. This means those willing to venture into agribusiness should also look into the availability of suppliers and their behaviors.

The developments in technology have today has tried to eliminate the power of several local suppliers. Through technologies like the internet, agribusinesses can now get in touch with various suppliers from many parts of the world. However, this does not mean that it is useless to consider the bargaining power of supplies since it is often cheaper and convenient to acquire goods from local suppliers than foreign-based ones.

Other Economic Factors Affecting Agribusiness

Besides the economic factors affecting agribusiness discussed above, the following are other elements that can also drive change in the sector;

  • Government regulations
  • International trade agreements
  • Demographic changes
  • Technology

Agribusiness is an area that can be very profitable if pursued effectively. Much caution and consideration is required before investing in the industry since wrong decisions will not only affect the business but other players in the industry as well. Although risks are part of a business, it is always important to give precedence to the prevailing conditions.

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