Dissertation Project: Editing And Proofreading The Proposal


The role and significance of the dissertation proposal should cause students to invest more energy in conceptualizing the project, and in proofreading and editing the proposal when called upon to write a dissertation.

One of the mistakes any student can ever make when writing a proposal or needs to write a dissertation is giving the supervisor or tutor the opportunity to proofread and edit the proposal or the complete project. For effective proofreading and editing, the tips below are suitable:

1)     Take a break

The probability of missing some errors when proofreading and editing immediately after you complete the proposal or the dissertation is very high. A break gives you a fresh eye that notices mistakes made when writing the text.

2)     Proofread and edit for one aspect at a time

It is easy to notice an error if you are focused as opposed to what your attention is divided. There are errors made unconsciously when you write a dissertation or proposal; only a single-minded eye can spot them.

3)     Have a checklist

Although there are general aspects that should make to the dissertation or proposal checklist, incorporate the general aspects with the specifics from your faculty. The checklist could have the following:


  • Is the thesis statement clear?
  • Have you given the aims and objectives of the research?
  • Have you given a proper background?

  The body

  • Have you justified the methods chosen for data collection and analysis?
  • Have you stated the limitations of the study and ways to overcome them?
  • Have you given a plan for the project?

4)     Know yourself

For some, it is better to edit right from the screen while for others a hardcopy would make it easy to notice the errors. When you write a dissertation proposal, choose what works best for you.