Differences Qetween Qualitative and Quantitative Research Papers

Research Papers

The main difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that while the former focuses on non-numeric results, the latter focuses on numeric results. This article delves into giving more differences between the two methods commonly used in writing research papers.

Quantitative research

    • It focuses on cause and effects of relationships
    • Data collection is a requirement
    • Hypothesis formulation is done prior to the investigation and researches are based on theories

  • The researcher controls and manipulates the independent variable
  • The research design is formulated prior to data collection
  • The main focus is numerical presentation and summary of data
  • There are statistical and logical methods and instruments put in place to determine the reliability and validity of data collection. Writing research papers is characterized by the reliability and validity of results obtained.
  • It utilizes a selection of samples, which represents the entire population
  • The research is done in the natural environment of the research subject
  • Conclusions given have a degree of certainty

Qualitative researches

  • The main purpose is to describe a process
  • Theories are used inductively, the hypothesis is developed during the research process and research questions govern the purpose of the research
  • It uses triangulation to determine the validity and reliability of data collected
  • It focuses on studying phenomenon occurring naturally without interference
  • Writing research papers with a qualitative nature involves summarizing data in narrative or verbal form
  • It utilizes logical analysis to control and give the rationale behind alternative explanations
  • Logical generalization is arrived at using similar or parallel cases
  • The reliability of data collected and used in writing research papers largely depends on the integrity of the researcher.
  • Usually, give tentative conclusions because research is an ongoing process
  • The research design develops in the course of the research and is flexible