Developing the Concept of a Project in a Grant Proposal

Grant Proposal

The grant proposal is a plan of an intended project. However, before you write a grant proposal you must have a plan on how you will develop the concept of the proposal and eventually the project. A concept is a general idea or theme that will reflect from the beginning to the end of a grant proposal or a project.

Developing the concept of a project is significant because it determines the direction of the project. The following are guidelines on how to develop the concept of a project:

a)     Understand the vision and mission statement

Have an in-depth understanding of the vision and mission statement of your organization and of the funding organization. While brainstorming on the ideas for the project, make sure they marry with the vision and mission of your organization and the funding organization.

b)     Understand your context

Be knowledgeable on the issues your project will address. You must also be in a position to demonstrate how critical these issues are, and how they should be addressed.

c)      State your objectives

Goals and objectives play a significant role in guiding the progress of a project. Clearly state the aims and objectives in the grant proposal and how you intend to achieve them.

d)     Understand the impact of the project

Do the aims and objectives formulated to align with the intended results of the project? What impact will the project have on the intended beneficiaries?

e)     Know your timeline

Develop a concept that you are sure can be completed within the indicated schedule. While you plan for the project, make sure that you give an allowance for delays or any other inconveniences that may arise. Above all, work with a manageable scope.

f)       Monitoring, evaluation, and continuity

Show how you will monitor the progress of the project, and how the project will continue after the exhaustion of the grant given.