Demonstrating your Organizational Capacity when Writing a Grant Proposal

Writing a Grant Proposal

Writing a grant proposal focuses on pointing prevalent issues in society, and giving a plan of how these issues will be addressed. In addition, writing a grant proposal gives you an opportunity to show your capability and accountability. Of course, before a funding organization gives a grant, the proposals go through a review process to determine the most suitable candidate to give the grant.

On top of the list of the aspects that are reviewed in the proposal is the applicant’s capacity. This means that you must demonstrate an ability to achieve the goals of the project as stipulated in the proposal.  How then do you demonstrate your capacity or your organization’s capacity? Below are important tips on how to do so when writing a grant proposal:

1)     Utilize the organizational structure

Let the funding organization know the human resource you have, whether employed staff or volunteers and the skills they are endowed with. In addition, show the channel of communication (ladder of command) from the junior-most to the senior-most personnel.

2)     Show your most recent accomplishment

The funding organization will have confidence in you if you have a point of reference.  Refer to the projects that you recently undertook and show the donors how you will utilize experience gained in the past to accomplish the project at hand.

3)     Show a relationship with the society

It is true that you want to address a prevailing issue in society but this is not possible if you do not interact with the people. Show the society’s contribution, monetary or in-kind, and their role towards achieving the objectives of the project.

4)     Make use of the networks you are connected to

No one is an island. Show the networks that you belong to and how they have or can contribute to the success of the intended project in your grant proposal.