Criteria for reviewing a grant proposal

Grant Proposal

Writing a grant proposal  professionally is the determining factor of whether you will qualify for a grant or otherwise. It therefore becomes necessary to understand the criteria used by funding organizations to review proposals before writing a grant proposal. Below is the criteria used to review proposals. However, it is advisable that you get specifics from the organization in question before writing a grant proposal. It helps you in overcoming mishaps associated with writing a grant proposal. The relevance of the project

  • Does the proposal address prevailing issues in the society.
  • Does it consider all groups address their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Does it incorporate all stakeholders?
  • How will the objectives of the project be achieved?
  • How effective is the evaluation design?

Expected outcome

  • How will the project benefit the company?
  • Will the results be limited to the objectives of the project, or they will go beyond?

Feasibility and efficiency

  • Is the budget reasonable?
  • How practical is the approach used?
  • Is the approach used duplicated or it ahs variation?
  • Is the project achievable within the given timeframe?


  • How is the applicant contributing to the success of the project?
  • Is it the first time for the applicant to do that kind of a project, or has the applicant handled projects of equal scale before?
  • What is the structural organization of the applicant?


  • How will the project be sustained financially after the funding is exhausted?
  • What are the long-term benefits of the project?
  • Has the applicant solicited funds from other sources?
  • Will the project be self-sustaining or will it require partnership from other organizations?


  • What is the relationship of the applicant with the society?
  • What are the previous contributions of the applicant to the society?
  • How evident is it that the applicant will achieve the objectives of the project?