Criminal Justice Research Paper Sample on Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis

Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis

 Anytown is one of the centers that are easily liable to terror activities. The town has huge gaps in its security system that could be utilized to the advantage of most terrorists.  A terror attack would significantly destroy the town. The people and police preparedness is below the accepted levels (Tonn, 2002).

Anytown has not had any terror activity in the past. However, the recent massacre by a mentally sick individual revealed the deficits in the security system. The police are equipped to handle local attacks but not international attacks. However, the town’s populations are not prepared to handle any terror activity. The massacre led to lose of many lives than they had earlier anticipated (Hughbank & Hershkowitz, 2009).

The typical targets that can be attacked include shopping malls and schools. The two have been indicated to have less security agents. Additionally, the checks are few. The most common form of attack would be taking over typical targets and undertaking massive shootings. Additionally, there are higher chances of people in these targets being kept in hostage situations. Most of the terrorists would target any populated institution since their main aim would be to kill more people. Therefore, any populated shopping mall or school would be a perfect target.

To stop these terror activities, it is important for the government and all other stakeholders to come together to learn more about strengthening their security systems to ensure that such activities are stopped. The military can be used to provide real drills to the people of Anytown. Additionally, more awareness should be made to assist people of Anytown to prepare adequately on how to handle terror activities (Dittmar, 2008).


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