Criminal Justice Essay Paper on Roles and Responsibility

Roles and Responsibility

The primary responsibility of a local emergency management director is to formulate and sustain community-level emergency plans. The community-level plans rely largely upon the contribution of volunteer first responders; hence, the local emergency management director should ensure that first responders are up to task. The local emergency management director has to take several considerations to determine the capacity of the first responders. First, he/she should ensure that there is a comprehensive plan to respond to an emergency, such as terrorist attack. Second, equipment should be adequate to respond effectively to an attack. Third, responders should be well trained in different categories, such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers, in order to respond to various hazardous environments (Bullock, Haddow & Coppola, 2012). Fourth, responders should portray high level of response by having a regular program of exercise.

Responding to emergency require adequate resources to facilitate acquisition of equipment and human efforts. Emergency management director is an employee of state or local government, thus, he/she should get support from the local government. Resource utilization depends on the incident complexity, and each incident requires a certain level of response. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency, Type 1 incident is the most complex, which require establishment of a branch and more than 500 operations personnel (Incident Complex,” n.d). Type 2 incident requires resources to be fetched outside the region, and more than 200 operations personnel are needed. Type 3 incident requires trained personnel from various departments. Type 4 incident requires activation of command staff, as well as general staff, but only when it is necessary. No written plan is required. Type 5 incident requires a few resources with not activation of command.

The biggest challenge that the emergency management director encounters in my community is limitation of resources to address emergency. Building relationships with non-governmental organization is required in order to gain funds to manage the community plan. Emergency management director also require services of competent personnel who are non-volunteers, as volunteers are few in the community, and cannot handle all responsibilities. Most first responders are non-volunteers who are paid salaries; hence, emergency management director has to solicit funds to maintain them.


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