Creating a Job Search Strategic Plan and Preparation Guide

Creating a Job Search Strategic Plan and Preparation Guide

Section 1

A strategic job search plan is an important tool that can be used to sell out the skills, ability, and knowledge of an individual to a potential employer. As a job seeker with high qualifications, I am interested in establishing a career as a marketing manager and I have developed job-searching strategies to achieve this goal. Marketing basically entails activities such as product development, advertising, product pricing, distribution channels, sales, and product placement. One of the key benefits of being a marketer is the ability to propel the growth of an enterprise by making strategic decisions. One must conduct a thorough market assessment and utilize the corrective sales and distribution channels. A successive business can attribute a lot of its success to the marketer and depends on his or her expertise to enhance the future sales of its products and services.

Marketers play a decisive role to ensure that they increase the sales of the company’s products and services, and their position has its own set of challenges. Consequently, pursuing a marketing career has proved to be a challenge for many because the position entails a lot of work, including, advertising, sales, and product placement among others.

This makes it a bigger puzzle as it is exhausting to monitor of all these sub departments in a department, and simultaneously, work towards achieving organizations goals. Furthermore, this field has many challenges when it comes to dealing with setbacks and failures because the entire organization relies on you to perform positively at all times. In addition, if you are new to the field it is critical to find a mentor, but this task is as unavoidable as it is hard to locate one. As a marketer, one is responsible for managing his/her entire team and their levels of productions, as well, and can go for the entire week without having success.

Most of the employers often prefer to hire a bachelor’s degree holder in communications, advertising, and marketing who has a couple of years in terms of experience in the marketing field. These preferences vary from one company to another. Nevertheless, majority of the employers give preference to entrants with degrees in the disciplines of business studies and largely marketing subjects.

Section 2

In the perspective of a job recruiter, many processes are involved in the process of recruitment for the available job opportunity and taking this into consideration, I intend to build my career as a human resource manager in a business enterprise after graduating . The consideration for a recruiter position entails some of the significant aspects that are pertinent for effective human resource management and these encompass both academic and non-academic activities. Depending on the organizational needs, both the bachelor’s degree and a diploma in a business related subject may be required and a course in psychology can an added advantage.

The position of human resource entails conducting recruitment of new employees while vetting the performances of the existing ones. Moreover, human resource officers have to deal with varied challenges facing employees in an organization. Among the desirable characteristics that recruiters mostly focus on include the characteristics of the individual such as their confidentiality, professionalism, self monitoring abilities and the capacity to work on their own, and above all their level of intellectual curiosity.

Section 3

It is of very important to establish a level of trust with recruiters as a company’s top management. This is mainly because they supplement the company or enterprise with completed work force, and hence must be trusted, because they are more aware of the needs of the organization. Recruiters search for qualified candidates for a given position whom they entrust with the responsibility of delivering the best results for their clients.

An employer therefore needs to build trust with their labor force by trusting the recruiters in their pursuits of finding the right employee. This can be done by having mutual communication with them before they embark on their assigned recruitment tasks so as to determine their ability and readiness. Another way of building trust with your recruiter is to be open while addressing them and giving them a positive feedback where need be. In addition, it is important to have the knowledge about the working environment and its gaps, an employer who is able to hire the right individuals to occupy the available vacancies is the best.

Section 4

The desirable non-verbal language on the part of the recruiter entails a firm handshake, which depicts greetings, eye contact to gauge the level of confidence of the interviewee, and a good posture to depict professionalism. Furthermore, the undesirable non-verbal traits includes smiling which show the weakness and a false sense of trust on the part of the recruiter.

Employees ought to act normally and should not nod when asked a question. Instead they ought to give a professional form of communication when responding to questions. In an interview, the employee needs to avoid constantly nodding, smiling, and blinking. The key questions that an interviewee expects to answer during a job interview may include level of education, working experience, and what they intends to achieve given the new task.

Section 5

The resume must be completed immediately upon finishing higher learning studies and this is because after this one graduates to a different employment level. Furthermore, the best time to write your cover note is immediately after working on your updated resume and once completed, one can deliver these two documents to be scanned and saved as soft copies, since most modern companies prefer email delivery. While one awaits a response, it is the perfect time to carry out a mock interview to test if they have grasped the basis of an interview and also to try and establish the pros and avoid the cons of an interview. Moreover, this is also the best time to carry out thorough research on extra information with regards to the job interviews.

The perfect date or time to start a job search is after having done your research because this way you will best know where to find out the job, come up with a complete social media profile and conduct a few mock interviews. In addition, you ought to at least know the interview questions, what your potential job entails, and gather sufficient information regarding the targeted company. Above all, when seeking to find job the print media, social media, and word of mouth from friends, advertisement from televisions and radios, as well as posters are among the five sources information they should look at.

Section 6

Searching for any job can be a lengthy process and it entails the utilization of skills that a job seeker has drawn over their years of study. Such skill include research, writing, planning, problem solving, reflection, and self-advocacy.

The first step of searching for a job is to identify and analyze your values, skills, as well as possible interests. The second stage is to update your documents which may include a flexible resume that can be altered to suit any available vacancy or job opportunity that one desires. Preparation of the cover letters and letters of recommendation as well as personal statements for submission if requested must always be done beforehand. Furthermore, this stage requires the job seeker to review their social media accounts so as to have the correct representation online that can be viewed by potential internship sites. Step three; job seekers need to make use of their network because this is the most powerful tool that helps one in securing a job and according to human resource studies, a good networking contact can assist one to fine-tune their documents before submitting them for consideration.

Step 4 needs an individual to conduct research on the potential jobs within their field of interests and skills and taking into consideration their geographical area. Moreover, one is expected to tailor his or her documents to match the posted jobs and submit their applications only after doing this. It is necessary to maintain an organized system in order for one to keep track of their contacts, dates, and some crucial information. In step 7, it is very critical that one carries out thorough preparation for interviews and learns how to sell oneself.

To this effect, one ought to have thorough practice in presentations, possess professional attire, and have dining etiquette. Job seekers also need to carry a follow up mechanism after interviews or right after having submitted their applications. This step requires the employers to be patient with the job-seekers. At step nine, a job seekers is expected to do some homework, before deciding on whether to accept an offer or take up further salary negotiations. Step ten; This is where an individual is employed and they are set to start a new job.

Section 7

By initiating relationships with recruiters, an organization can be able to provide the necessary tools and environments for recruiters to act professionally. In addition, the recruiters, while conducting interviews, have to take an approach that is more technical and this is mainly because job seekers will tend to have comprehensive resumes, core qualifications, and competencies. One can approach an interview by conducting video conferencing or computer interview, which entails giving answers to multiple questions for a job interview.

To find recruiters, there is need to visit a recruiter network because it may match the job seekers with their potential recruiters in terms of similar job functions and location. To add to this, recruiters can also find job seekers who post their resumes on the website, by filtering selections so as to get access to their resumes. By accessing different databases or job seeker opening a job seeker account in such websites, one can gain millions of jobs from different job boards and company sites at no fee. This is also a good source to get pre-interview information because many company recruiters tend to post their possible information of the preparation steps that a job seeker needs to take. Another guide on getting pre-interview information includes accessing the website of potential recruiters and initiating chats with them as this will can assist employers to find out the needs of a recruiter.

Section 8

To match the need of recruiters, one ought to have a sophisticated resume that matches the requirements of the new job. The honesty of employees when answering questions is a key determinant in securing a job and it is also an aspect that develops subject line professionalism. In addition, this offers a specific job target that is evident from positive feedback, and the use desirable verbal and non-verbal language.

Within the sales support, necessary materials may include the sales presentations, brochures, the company website, as well as other materials found online. Electronic and printed materials such as sales proposals, case studies, newsletters updates, and calculation sheets are also among the sales support material required by the sales team.

Section 9

In making sure that the employer is satisfied with my performance during the first year, I have to formulate strategies for the better part of the process. Performing successfully in employment entails possessing the knowledge on how to utilize resources and talent to the best advantage. In a for-profit organization, profitability and competition are vital, hence my goals and strategies will be different from the ones related to working for nonprofit or governmental organizations. In the reflection to the circumstances and scope of organizations, developing strategies are part of the objectives that aim to increase profitability and market share for the company, as well as the satisfaction of customers or raise the approval ratings and in the long run complete the project under the company’s budget. The strategic plan is to analyze the work context and environment.

This entails making sure that there is a total personal comprehension of the work environment through analysis. In making an analysis of the organization, it is important to first examine its liabilities, resources, strengths, capabilities and weaknesses. Using the SWOT analysis is thus the best option for discovering the activities that I am best at, and where the weaknesses are that hinder me and hence taking all these into account and ensuring that I execute the job rigorously. This analysis is efficient in achieving the set objectives when the strategy applied utilizes my strength without exposing my weaknesses. Examining the core competencies is also part of the plan to highlight the unique strengths and facilitate critical thinking about how to set oneself apart from the rivals of the company.

Analyzing the work environment is also advantageous because it will help to ensure that I offer quality and productive labor to meet the expectations of my employer. This entails the examination of the current operating environment to enable me to make the prediction of where everything regarding the company is geared towards. This will help to elaborate on the opportunities that I ought to pursue in the future and what I am likely to encounter in the industry and how such activities will impact on my job performance.

Using the porter’s five forces can also help me to analyze the work environment. These forces indicate areas in which I have strong positions within the organization framework and those where issues are involved. During the preparations to work on the strategy, working within an organization’s environment should be aligned to the alterations in my operation framework instead of working in opposition to the aspects. The external environmental factors can often be beyond the control of the employees during the pursuit of strategy plans that may sometimes require changes in the elements since one may have long, unprofitable, and exhausting battle ahead to meet the expectations of the employer.

I ought to satisfy the employer by maintaining a positive attitude. My attitude in the organization will have an impact on the relationships I have with my colleagues and my supervisor as well as the way I feel about the tasks I am assigned to complete and my levels of job satisfaction. Positive employee attitude implies that I should seek the best qualities in my fellow employees and take challenges willingly with the desire to find ways of dealing successfully with tedious tasks without complaints. Being reliable will also contribute to employer satisfaction especially with regard to my contribution in the organization within the first years of employment. Dependability basically entails doing what I am expected to do because the organization relies on me to accomplish the duties associating with my job. The efforts I contribute towards achieving the objectives of the organization can contribute to the success of the rest of the employees.

Interview Assignment

Personal interview with Howard Schultz, Starbucks who has been chosen because of his success and professionalism in the coffee industry.

The personality is one of the qualities that made Howard Schultz becomes one of the most successful leaders. The trait requires him to be more than just a successful leader in the coffee industry. He has been able to establish more than combining the right coffee ingredients to produce the best. Schultz is the figure behind the success of Starbucks because he has established the employee to employer personality traits in a manner that drives the current success the company is enjoying.

Schultz describes himself as an intuitive type of a leader during the interview and attributes this to the fact that he always has the desire to explore critical business ideas with thoughts that are linked to the relative aspects needed in boosting the performance of the company hence navigating it towards success. How Schultz got to the helm of the company and became one of its leaders is one of the questions he answers smiling.

At Starbucks, he was able to beat the odds and become the retail operations director after having begged the original founders of the business venture to give him the chance to bring into action the goals he had visualized for the good of the company. How the idea of how coffee business was to continue being successful in the American markets even after the realization that funds were required to make the dream become successful. The feeling renowned aspect of Schultz was the factor that convinced the investors with an interest to acquire Starbucks from its original owners who were on the verge of selling off the company to willing buyers. The kind of values that have contributed towards his success he elaborates on during the interview are a reflection of the incorporation of significant value system that places emphasis on the following:

  • The chances that are created for the success of employees.
  • The aspects of honesty and fairness which must be considered when dealing with company. employees, coffee consumers worldwide and the vendors as part of the distribution channel.
  • The desire for the company to be part of the positive forces that drives successful changes within a community framework.

To preserve the establishment of the company, the new owners had to reinstate him as a manager. This was done in relation to the experience factor that explains the reason why Schultz had to utilize his heart while making strategic decisions. The thing that drives him through the competitive coffee market is his outgoing character together with his ability to cooperate with the company workforce through skillful leadership. Charisma is an apparent element observable in Schultz, and he quickly gained my attention as I first approached him for an interview. As a successful professional in the coffee industry, he believes in trust and attention which is seen in the efforts he valued when trying to persuade the investors to acquire the company.

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