Computer Science Paper on Data or Information Stolen

Data or Information Stolen

The issue of computer security has been of great concern in the current technology driven world where almost everything is computerized. With the invention of more sophisticated forms of computer protection, thieves too are advancing in their game. There is a high loss of sensitive information stored in computers due to cyber crimes and theft. The major forms of cyber theft leading to loss of information include hacking a computer system, cracking a password, and physical break of the system. This paper seeks to analyze the case of the University of California Berkeley, which nets around 1.4 Million Social Security numbers.

            Hackers gained access into this system through pretence as members of the system. They maliciously gained unauthorized access into the system with the plan of getting private information in the system. They managed to get details of the elderly people whose details were hosted in Home supportive services program. Among the information retrieved by the hackers include social security numbers, names of the elderly, their addresses, date of birth, and telephone contacts. At the time of occurrence of the incident, a researcher was using them to conduct his study on the relationship between recipients of in-home care and providers.

This is an illegal act, which is punishable and this incident was reported to the California Department of Social Services, the FBI, and the California Highway Patrol. This was reported on September 27 and the above security forces are conducting an investigation into this incident.

This problem could have been prevented through good use of passwords by encrypting them such that it becomes difficult for hackers to guess. They should also keep the passwords very confidential and further protect all computer operations using security codes. Ant viruses should also be installed in the systems to prevent spy softwares the hackers use to get information about a computer security codes. System security is important as information keeps the organization running and protects the victim from hackers and uses of their details to fraud them. My system is not prone to this due to the passwords and antivirus in use.

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