Composition Essay Paper on Press for Truth

Press for Truth

                The September eleventh attacks on the world trade centers in the year 2001 was one of the largest terrorist attacks of all time, killing over two thousand people and leaving even more injured. The attacks, the response of the US government and their aftermath have been criticized by both US citizens and the international community. These have been the reason that theories have developed that link the government to the attacks.  Press for Truth is a documentary that analyzes the response of the US government including its failure to act on a tip provided by British intelligence as shown below.

            The documentary begins with the immediate response of President George Bush Junior being hesitant to leave the class where he was reading children a story raising questions as to why he would delaygiven the importance of the issue. After the attacks 765 suspects are detained by the police on suspicions of being part of the terrorists however after interrogation only 6 are taken to court which is suspicious. One of the interviewees also claims that many of the agents in the cases were changed on numerous occasions which points to a cover up by the government trying to make the investigation appear shoddy.

            When the commission to investigate the attacks was formed, none of the people who went to testify were put under oath which meant that even if they were caught lying there would be no repercussions. The commission was also accused of avoiding direct and important questions and did not allow for the public to ask their own creating more animosity between themselves and the public. Philip Zelikow the executive director of the commission was found to have performed significant duties in the Bush administration regarding the invasion of Iraq which was viewed as a conflict of interest.  

            There is evidence that shows that the Pentagon had been warned by British intelligence that an attack was imminent and that they did not share this information with others instead taking procedures to ensure the president’s safety and that of the top pentagon leadership. The top members of the Pentagon also avoided New York on the day of the attacks showing that they were fully aware that the attack was going to occur. Finally, the documentary views the reluctance of the US army to go directly after Osama even when they were informed of his location in Tora Bora with one of the army’s officer’s saying that the mission had never been to capture Osama. The US army instead focused on the middle level commanders of the Al-Qaeda who could not have been the ones giving directions. There is also evidence of Al-Qaeda members making flights in helicopters between Afghanistan and Pakistan without the army attacking which does raise questions regarding their status as enemies of the USA.

            The attacks on the World Trade Centers in two thousand and one were the most devastating attacks on the US since World War II and showed the many lapses that were there in the US security system. Press For Truth has questioned whether these were genuine lapses or parts of a larger conspiracy that would lead to the invasion of Iraq. There was a poor investigation set up with many investigators being transferred in between their cases while the committee set up did not ask questions that would have given more comprehensive answers. The US army was also not initially targeting Osama Bin Laden and did not attack an Al Qaeda helicopter when it flew over Afghanistan. Until more information is uncovered, documentaries such as Press for Truth will be dismissed as conspiracy theories even if they contain some evidence of government involvement.