Composition Business Plan Sample Response Letter

Response Letter

November 19, 2014

Samantha Davies

Everett Cook Catering Service

Operator at Cook’s catering

Town Square, VN 15380

Taylor Mace

Craig Dawson and Associates

Albuquerque, NW 305692

Administrative Assistant

Dear Ms. Taylor,

I am writing in response to your earlier letter. First, I wish to account for the turn of events. Salmon delicacy was not part of the agreement in our business contract. Some unavoidable changes were made during the last minute that altered the initial plans. I tried to get in touch with you to discuss the shortage of salmon in the market, but you were very busy organizing the event and so I had to act quickly without your approval. Having a moderate experience as a cook and knowing people’s preferred delicacies, I opted to substitute halibut for salmon. I also settled for halibut because I did not wish to disappoint your guests at the last minute.

Concerning the adjustment on payment, I propose that you kindly keep to the initial payment of $28.95 per person without any deductions. This is because halibut and salmon are substitute goods and as of such, their market prices are similar. It is part of our business policy to consider the pricing of food in the market to establish the pricing list for our clients. By cutting down the payment, we are likely to incur losses and this will not be conducive for our business set up. Moreover, most people at the event approached me and complimented the quality of our food. Our firm is always happy to engage in business with you and we intend to sustain this good friendship. I would appreciate it if you could pay the initial full amount as we progress to serve you better. We look forward to hearing from you and to continue working with you.


Samantha Davies