Components Of a Research Proposal

Research Proposal

A research proposal can be considered as one of the most critical and challenging stages in writing a research; it can be referred to as the conceptual stage. It demonstrates ideas that will be investigated by a research project and how these ideas will be investigated. The proposal factors in important elements such as time, budget, ethical issues etc. Demonstrated below are important components of a proposal for research.

The title – It should state what is to be investigated, where, when and how.

Statement of the problem- State the problem or challenge that you want to provide solutions to. It is advisable to state the main problem and then divide it to sub-problems for effectiveness in providing solutions.

Formulating hypothesis or thesis statement – Hypothesis or thesis statement is a tentative explanation to a certain phenomenon. In your research proposal, do not formulate a too general hypothesis or thesis statement.

Scope of research – State how much your research will cover, and why you think it is the most reasonable scope to cover.

Define terminology and concepts – The research proposal needs to explain the concepts you will apply in your Image 2research and their significance to that project. Also, define the terms you will use because in different contexts, some terms have different meanings.

State the significance of the research

Literature survey– it should create a link between past researches and your intended research.

Analyze the data collection and analysis methods

Schedule– when do you intend to undertake every step and how will you execute

Budget- how much will the research cost you?

Research qualifications– why are you the most suitable person to do the research?

Bibliography– clearly reference the sources for your work

It is paramount that you consult with your supervisor before you write the research proposal to get important information such as the expectations of the dissertation committee and the formatting style you should use for the proposal and the project.

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