Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter

Chicago Office

The Complains Department

Qatar Airways

Telephone: +1-954-745-0380


Dear Sir / Madam

I am writing to make a formal complaint on an event that took place on November 10, 2013, Flight B739 from Doha to Chicago. I have been a dedicated client of Qatar Airways. Even so, this past incident involving loss of my luggage and ill treatment by your staff member following my complaint on the loss has made me to file this grievance and get an apology for my complaints.

For the many years that I have utilized your services, I have never been subjected to such treatment. It is additionally not my first time to lose my luggage on flight but following inquiries; your staff has always accorded me justifiable treatment and did not spur any kind of reaction from me. I knew that my luggage would be located and sent to me and as a result, I was only informing them so that they could try to locate it and send it. However, your Chicago inquiries office proved to be manned by rude staff.

On my flight from Doha to Chicago aboard Flight B739, I had two suitcases with personal items therein. Upon arrival in Chicago, I proceeded to collect my belongings and noticed that the two suitcases were missing. As a routine, I went to the company’s inquiry office at the airport where I met a lady assistant.

After hearing my case, the lady started claiming that similar claims had been made in the past but on investigations, the people who had made the complaints did not have any baggage and were just trying to take advantage of the company for unjust compensation. I tried reasoning with the lady on the significant of taking care of my grievance. I went further to explain that I am not a new client and have been utilizing the airline’s services for a long time.

The customer care team was very adamant and that my complaint was not worth. The next thing that took place was not conceivable. The assistant asked me what the contents of baggage were and I mentioned that my clothing, laptop computer and other accessories were therein. This generated the issue of illegal product use in airline transport in the country.

On finding basis on that argument, the assistant further inquired whether my luggage was inspected before boarding the flight. Exasperated, I told her that, that is a routine and I was cleared in Doha. She said that she had to consult with Doha. The office in Doha did not ascertain my ticket number because there was a problem. Immediately, the lady assistant called in security.

After being mishandled at the airport, Doha came back and ascertained that I was travelling legally and that my luggage through a technical mishap had been left at the gate. They were kind enough to tell me that my luggage would be transferred to my address of choice. I noticed that the lady assistant did not make apology for the embarrassing incident.

The fact that there was a technical mishap and I had to be mishandled by an arrogant staff member is truly disheartening. First things first, I clearly understand that one may have burn outs, bad days and stress. Even so, this should not be taken out on innocent people who are not the source of their stress. I do not recommend any harsh actions on the lady assistant. But, I believe that she needs to be aware on how to handle different cases despite what is personally going through.

Your system was to blame for the rude experience I received in your Chicago office. If the system was functional, there wouldn’t have been such an incident. I also believe that an apology is in place or I may have to change my airline of preference.

Kind Regards


Company Response

Having noted that the airline was to blame for my experience, the company was in a positive way responsive. My luggage was delivered to the address I provided. They went ahead to send an apology email for the rude treatment I underwent. Even so, they pointed out that the intervention of security was ideal based on the fact that they had, had similar cases only to be reaped of cash by unscrupulous travelers who make quick cash from the company.

Additionally, they acknowledged that there has been a hitch with their system and they had received same complaints from different people. Such complaints had been confirmed and the company had offered the same reimbursement as they had offered me. The company was highly apologetic for the actions of their Chicago assistant. She was forced to write an apology that was sent together with my luggage three days after the incident.

Recommended Action

It is essential to note that the company had failed in two major areas, one being its system. Qatar Airline, being an airline was responsible for its operations and needed to ensure they were in line with the needs of their clients. This means that the company was at fault for utilizing a system that was not well functional to ensure its clients received ideal services ever.

In addressing the complaint, the airline management should have assured the clients they were working to enhancing the system. This would have ensured that the clients restored their faith in the airline and it remains the airline of choice in the future. The company should additionally inform their clients how the system would be improved in the event where the same case occurs so that the company would take the right action within the shortest time possible and not within days.

The company should also have reimbursed for inconvenience caused to the client, for example, a fully paid for vacation at the discretion of the client would have ensured client satisfaction following the company’s response.

The other issue is that the airline had been so irresponsible in employee welfare. The staff was stressed by something and hence, substandard job. This means that the company had the responsibility of ensuring that staff members are given a conducive working environment and that it would have prevented similar occurrences in the future. This means that the company was not responsible in delegation of tasks. It is also imperative to note that the airline failed in training its staff on how to treat clients. It therefore needs to look into its human resource team and settle for strategies that will enhance employee performance.

Motivation of staff was also an essential element to focus on. Obviously, the lady assistant was suffered from some form of stress. Had the staff been inspired, she would not have been affected by personal issues leading to such an incident. Even so, stress could have made the staff feel that she is undervalued and thus, her reaction at the office.