Comparison Essay: P2P vs. Client Server Networks

Comparison Essay: P2P vs. Client Server Networks

Networks can either be categorized as peer to peer or Client server networks, and the best way to understanding them is through a comparison essay: P2P vs. Client Server networks. Making comparisons between the two is important in knowing how the network operates and also their distinct features.  With the information, you can easily make an informed choice on the right network to use for file sharing among other needs.

Comparison Essay: P2P vs. Client Server Networks

In writing a comparison essay: P2P vs. Client server networks, there are key elements of the two that should be focused to bring out a vivid analysis. The following are some of the main areas of focus in this comparison essay;

  • How the networks operate
  • Installation and application
  • Security
  • Set up and maintenance costs
  • Reliability

A peer to peer, P2P or work group network connects a chain of computers and users within the network via the internet. Those who are connected through this network are able to share information amongst themselves without authentication from a central command center. In this network, every user is responsible for their stations or machines. Due to the lack of a central command, people connected through this network are able to share files, including downloads from any machine on the same grid.

In a Client Server network, every computer that is connected onto the network plays a specific role, which facilitates the operations of either the server or client. The server is mainly designed for sharing of resources among the machines of clients. Servers are usually kept in secure locations and only operated by specific people. This means all the computers on the network operate in accordance with the conditions of their respective servers.

Unlike P2P, client server networks operate from a central point of command at the servers. In this arrangement, users can access data or files stored in the server from their respective work stations. However, the servers determine which users can gain access to the files.

A peer to peer network is highly susceptible to slow connection speeds since there is no control over the activities of users. Although slow connections can also be experienced in client server networks, it is usually rare since there is always a dedicated server to support a particular number of users. Client server networks are usually more stable than peer to peer networks. In peer to peer network, the resources are mainly stored in respective users’ machines that can easily encounter problems.

The costs of installation and maintenance is also another important aspect of a comparison essay: P2P vs. client server networks. P2P is less expensive and mainly used in homes or small businesses, characterized by frequent interaction. File sharing across P2P is usually free, making the platform an even much cheaper option. The network can support up to about only ten people. Client server networks on the other hand, can be stretched to accommodate as many people as possible. Their sizes are based on the number of users, purpose among other factors. In terms of installation and maintenance costs, client server networks do not come cheaply.

Considering that peer to peer networks do not have a central command, they are usually very insecure. Although every user is allowed to set their own security measures, it is easier for various people to gain unauthorized access to data on the network, thereby posing a great security threat to the users.  In fact, users cannot even know who is checking or sharing their files. The only way of securing information on P2P is by limiting the share level.

The central command available in a client server network makes it easier for the activities of users to be monitored regulated for the purposes of security. Besides, it also provides a platform whereby threats on the network can be traced and blocked. The grid also ensures that users are able to easily back up their data in case of problems.

However, both peer to peer and client server networks have provisions for passwords so every user can simply log in and start using the available resources.

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