Communication Sample Essay on Identity and Culture

Identity and Culture


Culture is defined by the identity of the group of individuals under scrutiny. Therefore, under this notion, it can be deduced that people are considered to be of a similar culture if they share the same identity. Interestingly, identity should not be influenced by culture, but rather by one’s self resolve. This notion is derived from the fact that we can use other tools to influence identity. It should not be misconstrued that identity and culture are interlinked, but rather these two varying social tools should be viewed individually. Communication is one tool that can be used to differentiate one’s identity and separate it effortlessly from their perceived culture. Contrastingly, I believe that one creates his/her own identity and only shares small bits of similarities with others due to the uncontrollable factor of social influence and perceptions of group identities.

Personal Experience

For instance, in a school setting, different students with different cultures and identities converge in one place to learn and socialize. In some instances, these students tend to form groups based on people they consider to share common ideologies and identities. However, back in high school, in spite of the formation of these groupings, I preferred to form my own identity based on my beliefs, philosophies, and preferred vision of my future life. Therefore, in this case, I managed to resist the strong environmental, social, and cultural influence from my peers and surroundings to adapt a certain identity. Therefore, identity can indeed be influenced through several factors, but it is the individual that has the final decision that determines what his or her self-identity will become or is viewed by other people.