Communication Essay Paper on The Medium is the Message

The Medium is the Message

Marshal Mcluhan points out that a number of individuals in the modern society are not in agreement with the fact that the medium is the message. But what does the phrase the medium is the message mean? He goes ahead to expound that the personal and social consequences of any medium, result from the new scale that is introduced into the affairs of man by each extension of himself, or by any new technology. For instance, to prove the point, one would say that, if a machine is used by a certain individual, it is not all about the machine, but what the individual did with the machine is the most important and it is all that brings a particular meaning or message. Mcluhan underlines the fact that it is the actions, day to day activities and associations among human beings are controlled by different types of media. He further gives an example of IBM, whereby, the medium was the company’s business and the message that medium sent was the negative performance that forced the company to retrace its steps.

With reference to Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Mcluhan adds weight to his argument by articulating that the results of innovation are messages which are dependent on media such as social and political operations. The other argument that is in support of the phrase includes General David Sarnoff’s statement. He points out that the way the products of modern science are used today, in a large extent determine or predict their value.

‘Cubism’ is a concept that provides great support for the phrase the medium is the message. The concept concentrates more on instant awareness if the senses of the whole. For instance in the modern world or rather generations, paintings and poetry are symbolic ways that have been used to pass information and this greatly underscores the fact that the medium is the message.

Prominent world leaders have also benefitted from understanding the fact that the medium is the message. Alexis de Tocqueville had the ability to learn from the situations at hand and predict the future occurrence. This acted as great savior to his tenure during the French Revolution. Despite the shift from the ancient to the new generation, the phrase the medium is the message still holds water. Faster change in the lifestyle and existence of man has caused an imbalance in the society where some individuals are assigned roles while others are assigned jobs. However, amidst all these, the most outstanding fact is that the continuous habits of man (medium) are a sign of intelligence (message).

Today, for people to improve their own culture and beliefs, they need to tell the present using the past or historical events. All in all, man needs to take his daily experiences seriously as they in a large extent portray the future. If the experience is good, it is likely to portray a positive future hence more focus should be turned on it. Conversely, if the experience is bad, then the future is likely to be negative and such experiences should be done away with. There are other occasions that clearly illustrate the fact that the medium is the message. Selye points out that the latest approach to media study should focus on both the content and the medium used to pass the content. Other scholars such as Arnold Toynbee suggest that media has played an integral role in shaping history. People also need understand the fact that, there are different types of medium used in communication. Technological media being an example could create extensive economic instability but great endurance in a particular population. The media also play significant roles such as configuring the awareness and experience among human beings.