Civil Engineering Creative Writing Essay on Application Paper

July 5, 2014

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am a Bachelor of Science in engineering student at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Please consider me as an intern at the Solar Construction Management and Process Control stated in

I engage in extracurricular activities and have acquired skills to help me excel in the position. I can handle 3-D design, modeling, understand materials, and practice manufacturing technologies.

I have managerial experience as I manage transport, dispatch, and tracking as an Office Assistant Manager at JBH Trucking. As a Restaurant Manager at Dos Cubanos, I learnt how to deal with varied people. I have strong customer service, interpersonal and communication skills.  

I believe I am a great candidate for this position. Attached is my resume that describes my experiences and reviews related projects. Kindly contact me at or by email at. Thank you for your consideration.