Christian Views on Euthanasia

Christian Views on Euthanasia

Although there are varied Christian views on euthanasia, many Christians are against it. The key arguments by Christians on euthanasia is that life is given by God and all humans are made in the image and likeness of God. Also known as assisted suicide or mercy killing, euthanasia refers to the act of helping another person to conduct his or her own death, especially in cases of terminal illness or unbearable pain. The aim of this act is to discontinue the pain or suffering of the victim.

The bible does not directly address euthanasia but it highlights certain points related to it. For instance, in Exodus 20: 13, the bible advice against killing or murder. However, based on various societal views, killing may be considered lawful. Various societies have often created legislation against the bible, but that does not make it acceptable. Christians are to obey only the word of God, which cautions against taking of life.

The Main Elements of Christian Views on Euthanasia

Generally, Christians view euthanasia as an act of rebellion against God’s wishes since it entails the taking away or cutting short of life. There are three main points that properly describe how Christians feel about assisted suicide, including:

  • All life is given by God
  • Birth and death are part of normal processes in life, ordained by God and should be respected by all humans
  • Hence, no man has the authority to take the life of another, even if that person desires to die

In Gen 1:26, the bible says that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, and it is the Him who gives us life (Job 33:4). Besides, it also points out that God Himself has numbered our days on earth (Job 14:5). This implies God is the only sovereign authority to determine the day we die. By assisting another person to end his or her life, we are usurping the authority of God.

All Humans are Equal and Made in the Likeness and Image of God

Another key aspect of Christian views on euthanasia is the distinctive way in which God created humans to share in His image and likeness. This does not simply mean human beings are like God but have been given the ability to think right and make proper judgments, as required by God. As people recognize this, they develop a sense of responsibility and love compared to that of God.

Proposing euthanasia or helping another person to end his life is like considering the life of that person worthless. It is like making the decision that the individual is not fit to live, which is a reserve of the Lord God. Making such judgments is against the teachings of God, which encourages us to view others equally and with dignity. No one has the right to make a judgment to end his life, or that of another person.

The Process of Death is Important and should Not be Disrupted

Many Christians say that the time before a person dies is a spiritual moment of profound significance. They believe it is a time when the spirit is connected to and communicating with God. To help another person end his her life is causing an interference to that spiritual process. Christians insist that death should be left to take it natural course as planned by God.

Contradicting Christian Views on Euthanasia

Despite the general Christian view of euthanasia as a bad thing, there are some factions of the church that think otherwise. Christianity teaches us to respect others, including the decisions to end their lives. Therefore, if a person chooses to end his life in order to evade suffering and unbearable pain, we should be obliged to respect those decisions.


Those who follow the Christian faith argue that the bible teaches on taking care of the elderly and those who are in situations like terminal illness. The community should recognize that through suffering and death, we learn to be stronger in faith and commitment to God. Despite the slight variations on Christian views on euthanasia, many consider it a rebellion against the teachings of the faith.

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