Choosing a Topic for a Research Paper

Research Paper

Some argue that the success of research paper writing lies in the topic you choose, while others say the choice does not play a significant role, what matters is how you address the topic chosen, in case, some research assignment do not allow research writers the privilege to choose a topic.

Whichever the standpoint, at one point in their course of study, students find themselves given the challenge to use a topic suitable for excellent research paper writing. How then should students select a topic for their study, and how do they know the topic’s suitability?

        I.            Relevance

It is imperative to note that research writing focuses on building a credible body of knowledge. For this to happen, the researcher needs to have a wealth of knowledge in his/her field of study that is relevant for the study. Relevance in research means adding value to what is already available.

     II.            Viability

Research assignments are given within a specific deadline. Students or researchers need to look at the logistics of completing the research assignment within the given schedule. One of the mistakes students fall prey to is the temptation to cover a wide scope such that they do not complete the assignment within the deadline, and if the assignment is completed within the deadline, it does provide a satisfactory answer.

To overcome this hurdle, researchers need to narrow their scope of study by focusing on a specific aspect of the study, having background information on the topic, and look at what other researchers have done.

   III.            Interest

Research paper writing is a tasking exercise that requires commitment and hard work in conducting comprehensive researches and writing following the specified instructions to the letter. In this regard, it is paramount that you focus on a topic that interests you to be motivated always, no matter the challenges you may encounter in research paper writing.