Chinese Automakers

Chinese Automakers

The Chinese automakers are quickly gaining reputation internationally for producing aesthetically pleasing and reliable cars that sell at low prices. The automakers in China have made the Chinese auto industry, which is over a century old, what it is today. The first auto plants were established in China at the beginning of the 1950s with the assistance of the USSR. The manufacturing capability of the first plants was small and it was geared towards the production of less than 100 to 200 thousand cars every year. Nevertheless, China has invested in the development of the auto industry and this has paid off quickly leading to the production of more cars.

Who are the major Chinese automakers?

  • Greely

This automaker started producing cars in Hangzhou in 1986. At first, the company produced scooters and refrigerators. Currently, the company produces motorcycles and automobiles and it is recognized as one of the most innovative automakers in China.

  • Hong Qi

This is a division of the FAW automaker that produces luxury cars. It produced its first car, with a model number CA71, in 1958. FAW Group is considered as the automaker that made the first car in China. Today, the automaker is seen as one of the Big Four car companies in China. FAW produces cars for political and business “over-world”.

  • Cherry

This automaker was founded by the Chinese government and a corporation in 1997. It is a state owned automaker. Cherry produces SUVs, Minivans and passenger cars. It is one of the top largest automakers in China. The automaker earned international reputation after producing the new generation cars that auto enthusiasts appreciated from different parts of the world. Such cars include Cherry T21, which was named the best vehicle in 2014 due to its state-of-the-art equipment, original design and the riding qualities. Cherry’s models have interior and exterior looks that seem like they were designed by veteran engineers in USA and Europe.

  • Brilliance Auto

This automaker was established in 1949. Over the last 60 years, the company has been growing to become the 7th largest automaker in China. The company has total assets of more than $12 billion. It is the only automaker in China that has established close links with the German giant, BMW.

  • BYD Auto

This automaker is a BYD Company Limited’s subsidiary. It is among the largest automakers in Heavenly Empire. The automaker boasts of different car products that include light motor vehicles, SUVs, buses, alternative fuel automobiles and hybrids. Most models of this company are sold in China with limited amount being exported to the developing countries like the Dominican Republic, Moldova, Bahrain and Ukraine.

  • Chang’an

This automaker is owned by the China Weaponry Equipment, which is a state-owned enterprise. It was the first automaker in China to manufacture a jeep.

  • Hafei

This automaker was bought in 2009 by Chang’an Motors to become its subsidiary company. Hafei is the pioneer and founder of mini car research and manufacturing. The company has seven product series including limousine and mini cars.

Challenges faced by the Chinese automakers

The major challenge that automakers in China face is innovation and quality. Although the automobile industry in China has doubled over the last 15 years, automakers should do more in regards to creativity and innovation. Some of them are still holding onto the copycat culture. As such, there is a need to focus more on innovation. Another challenge is increased dependence on the imported oil. For the last ten years or more, automakers in China have been struggling with the challenges of energy conservation, transportation, safety and environmental protection. To deal with these challenges, automakers in China should draw from their counterparts’ experience and introduce advanced techniques as well as mature strategies while integrating the demand of domestic consumers with that that of the worldwide market.

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