Challenges Facing Enterprise Applications

Challenges Facing Enterprise Applications

There are several challenges facing enterprise applications. An enterprise application refers to software or application that is designed and developed for use by a business to help it in solving the problems that the organization or enterprise is facing. The use of the term enterprise and application implies that the software or application is too complex and too large for an individual to use it. Nevertheless, these applications depend on the intelligence of humans. They are designed and developed to integrate or interface with the other applications that organizations use. They can also be deployed across different networks. However, there are several challenges that face the use of these applications by enterprises.

What are the major challenges facing enterprise applications?

  • Security

Most enterprise applications, especially mobile applications, are not secured by the organizations that own them. Some organizations do not have budgets for securing their applications. This means that security is one of the major challenges that enterprise applications are facing. The mobile devices via which members of the enterprises use these applications are inherently vulnerable. This implies that through these devices, attackers get direct access to corporate networks, personal information, passwords and sensitive data.

  • User interface and limitation of skills

Typically, enterprise applications are for use by the employees of an organization. As such, functionality is important than beauty. However, this does not mean that the applications should not have good looks. Aesthetics will be important all the time but with enterprise applications, excellent usability should always come first and aesthetic later. Unfortunately, there are cases where users have limited skills. This makes using the applications challenging for them. Some enterprise applications have user interfaces that make using them difficult.

  • Integration challenges

Enterprise applications’ integration is a challenge that many organizations are facing. This is because integration of an enterprise application into the systems of an enterprise is an undertaking that can be complex for some organizations. It becomes a challenge because the employees of the organization who are responsible for integrating the applications have limited skills. Lack of the knowledge that the integration process is not a product or a separate project is also a problem. Other organizations integrate the applications without a detailed integration strategy. Poor communication and internal political issues are also challenges that enterprise applications face when it comes to their integration into the organizational systems.

How to overcome the challenges facing enterprise applications

For these challenges to be overcome, both the developers of enterprise applications and the enterprises that the applications are developed for need to work together. Working together will ensure that the idea that the application developers have in mind are transferred to their users smoothly.

Liaison between developers and users of enterprise applications will ensure that the following is done before the applications go to the implementation stage:

  • Comprehensive management strategies are formulated

Problems like security issues can be overcome by ensuring that there is a comprehensive application management strategy. Proper strategies will ensure that there is the needed security level while enhancing productivity. Security solutions that offer full visibility of how and when enterprise data is accessed while enforcing policies will be effective in ensuring high security levels.

  • Development of applications with emphasis on intuitiveness

This will solve the issue of having applications whose interfaces concentrate more on aesthetics instead of usability. Instead of concentrating on beauty, applications should put more emphasis on functionality by including icons that make them natural and useful.

  • Implementation strategies

Apart from the security strategy, it is also important to have an implementation strategy. Such a strategy will entail illustrating to the employees how the applications should be used to serve the intended purpose. The strategy will also include monitoring of the implementation process and reporting on the success or progress of the implementation process.

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