Causes and Solutions to Writer’s Block in Writing Grant Proposal

Writing Grant Proposal

Even after gathering all the information you need, writing a grant proposal is not an easy task. That you might experience writer’s block cannot be ruled out. This notwithstanding, you must devise ways of overcoming this challenge because the proposal must be submitted within the agreed date. Below are causes of writer’s block, and tips for overcoming it, when writing a grant proposal.

a)     Health challenges

Some health issues may cause you not to focus on writing a grant proposal, or might hinder you from writing a winning grant proposal. When this happens, based on the deadline you have, you could choose to wait and heal first, or you could request grant proposal writing assistance.

b)     Sharp deadlines

Shortage of time can result from having a busy schedule or a proposal that requires intensive research. To overcome this, set aside a specific time for writing the proposal. You can do this by working behind closed doors or informing those around you that you are busy so they do not distract you.

c)      You have no idea how to start writing

The easiest way to start writing a grant proposal is to start with the section/chapter that you are sure of. Start with what is simple to you and finish with the difficult sections. You will save on time, and be enthusiastic in writing the proposal.

d)     You do not know how to write

Sometimes it is difficult to start writing simply because you do not know how to. To overcome this, read the writing guidelines given, or request for somebody who has had experience in writing grant proposals to assist you. You could also start by writing an outline after which you add the flesh.

Above all, if you experience writer’s block in any kind of writing, relax; it will help you plan and write effectively.