Freedom of speech in China Freedom of information, speech, as well as press, is an elementary aspect that is steadfastly rooted in the modern western democratic thinking.  According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), every individual is free to express his/her opinion, be it political, social, or religious (2). The UDHR that was
War and Peace in the Middle East: From the Civil War to Contemporary Times Introduction The concepts underlying war and its effects are difficult to comprehend without understanding the conflict. The Civil War not being an exception, sometimes wars between countries also make it difficult to understand exactly what is going on at a specific
The Manager as Leader: Motivation and Leadership across Cultures Introduction Leadership and motivation is an important aspect in defining its relation to achievement of company’s goals. Theories of leadership have clearly evaluated the cultural diversity, and how organizations apply leadership and motivation techniques .Good leadership is effective in meeting job-related demands, commitment, in creating good
Comparative Analysis of Scientific Texts In the curriculum of the Masters of Science in IT, one of the fundamental deliverables is the participation in coming up with a comparative paper that tries to give an incisive analysis on the various types of scientific papers and their importance in the various fields of study. The objective
Strategic Family Therapy             The family is an organization that must be perceived as a whole organism instead of a composite amalgamation of individuals that constitute it. It is a system, which incorporates interdependent parts. Additionally, each family member’s behavior has an effect on the family while the family has an influence on the behavior
The Freedom Writers Diary This essay articulates on a book “The Freedom Writers Diary” by Erin Gruwell and a group of students who were freedom writers. It is about how a teacher and 150 teenagers embraced writing to enhance change among them and create an impact to people around. This diary incorporated journals that were
Bullseye Auditing The Bullseye, our CPA firm’s long-standing client and a public business entity, has requested that our company commit to completing an audit of their finances. I have the honor of leading a panel consisting of four of my professional partners in completing the annual audit. As the auditor leading the team, it is
The Violin In attending a musical orchestra, it can be noted that the violin can be termed as the most standard instrument visible on the left side of the stage. The violin does not only come in an array of different sizes beffiting both children and adults but characterized by small strings and played using
Regression Analysis in Excel Introduction             Regression analysis is a technique used by researchers to examine relationships between predictor and response variables. Critical to the discussion is the reality that the technique is applicable to different scenarios, which depend on the scope of the research being conducted. As evidenced, Wilson,  Keating, and Beal, (2016) argues
Sickle-Cell Disease Sickle cell disease is a disorder that is caused by distortion of red blood cells in the body forming a sickle like shape. This is caused by the destruction of hemoglobin which is the molecule contained in red blood cells and responsible for oxygen delivery to all cells and parts in the body.