The Role of Public Relations in Managing Crisis using Social Media: Case Study Abstract The emergence of the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder management, among others, place emphasis on organizational accountability to its customers and the contexts (immediate and otherwise) in which they operate. This involves transparency, which is mainly about organizations
Role of Government in the Economy Consumers and producers play a significant role in the molding of the nation’s economy, and may prefer a limited government to enhance smooth running of the economy. However, the input of the government is important in the successful running of any economy. The government should act as a corporate
Decisions under Multiple Objectives Q1. In what circumstances is the recognition heuristic likely to work well? Many decisions that individuals make entail multiple objectives. Heuristics are decisions made using approximate methods depending on the environmental conditions. The recognition of heuristics usually creates numerous testable predictions concerning recognition and its utilization in decision-making. This type of
News Summary Assignments Question 1 This article presents reasons why the church and the American government should not form an alliance. The article cites recent events such as the Texas education board’s promotion of textbooks that acknowledge Moses to be the American founder, which represents a Christian Nationalist description of American history. According to the
Coal as an Environmental Injustice Background              America experienced frequent disposal of waste materials in areas inhabited by African-American populations in 1982 (McGinley, & Mullins, 2013). Illegal dumping of toxic waste was never stopped by the intervention of the United Church of Christ for Racial Injustice. The intervention comprised of non-violent demonstration that led to the
The documentary: America in the 20th Century, The Civil Rights Movement How did Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation affect slavery? The emancipation resulted to a total eradication was a war against slavery in America. It also led to crippling of the Confederacy. The proclamation affected the southern states alone. The proclamation led to the reduction of the
Initial Public Offering This refers to the sales of stock to the public by a private company for the first time. It is meant to raise money for expansion purposes. Large companies engage in an IPO activity in order to trade publicly in the globe market. Several activities are undertaken before coming up with a
Quality Measures             The Baptist Memorial Hospital is an acute care institution whose quality of service is above average. The institution has most of the necessary structures and processes that guarantee the quality outcome of healthcare service in the institution. However, as it is with every organization, the process measures of quality within the institution
Services Marketing – Indian Consulate (Embassy in Dubai) Introduction The success for-profit and non-profit organizations depend on how services are delivered to clients or customers. An irrefutable fact is that clients and customers are the pillars of organizations and companies, and without them, there is no reason for a company and organizational existence. Every individual
Research Article Review             According to (Finnegan, 2015), there are many benefits accrued from retention of the workers. When there is a high employee turnover rate, the business is usually at the risk of losing the expected profits. There is need to have an organizational culture in the company. The culture laid out will also