Mini-Grant Project Introduction             Bilingualism and multilingualism offer a wider platform for cross-cultural interaction and exchanges. It is estimated that more than half of the world’s population is bilingual and multilingual (Libben & Titone, 2009). Other than facilitating cross-cultural communication, bilingualism is assumed to affect cognitive abilities, since bilingual brain has better attention and task-switching
Obesity Obesity and Fitness Introduction The World Health Organization describes obesity as a chronic disease in the developing countries as well as the developed countries. The prevalence of the disease is reportedly higher among women compared to men due to various reasons. According to WHO reports, obesity is on the rise across the world, making
CBT and REBT Application Comparison According to REBT, individuals get disturbed by their construction of circumstances and problems at hand (Ellis et al, 2011). As such, REBT would conceptualize Henry’s problem by examining his language, his evaluative beliefs, and his meanings, perceptions, and philosophies about the world in general and the people in it. On
What is Aptitude?  Carroll (1973) opines that aptitude signifies a potential for language acquisition among older learners, as opposed to a preference for language proficiency. This takes place under optimal conditions of opportunity, motivation, as well as quality of instructions. Carroll (1973) argues that while aptitude remains constant, its role in attaining language proficiency differs
1984 Verses: America 2015 What Similarities can you see between the Novel 1984 and the Present State of the American Culture? The current American society is more invasive, draconian, and often citizens lead lives full of fear of constant surveillance from the government. Mass surveillance of communications between individuals and organizations constitute the current social,
Nutrition Question 1 Ergogenic aids refer to a substance or technique used with an aim of improving performance. There are various types of ergogenic aids and they include: pharmacologic, nutritional, physiologic, and psychologic. Question 2 FDA is accountable for taking action against any dietary supplement product that has been misbranded after reaching the market. On
Foreign Language and Culture for Military Forces Conflict in the world because of division of humanity into different regions has resulted in the existence of military. The main function of the Military is to defend, protect, and aid allies when needed, and this can only be achieved if they are competent in both language and
Using Technology in Language Instruction The world is evolving, so are most of the things associated with it such as technology. Since the invention of the Internet and the computer, technology utilization has been enhanced. The enhancement has been reflected by technology in teaching and learning. Using technology in the classroom has been a subject
The Cool twists of Language Article Review             In the article, The Cool twists of Language, David Bellos discusses aspects of language especially the impact that change of sound may have in usage and also in spelling. He talks the word “cool” to use as an example to elaborate his point. For instance, it can
Lignin Based Dispersant Lignin is a compound organic polymer, which forms a critical structural material to sustain tissues in vascular plants. Lignin application is vital because it assists in the processing of biofuel from plants, which are the raw materials through biodegradation. Lignin is mainly exploited in industries for dust control, mixing concrete, drilling of