Islamic Insurance (Takaful) and Stocks (Sukuk) Question 1 Is it lawful to hold shares in a local project guaranteed by the government to offer a minimum on returns, at least 6% on capital invested, in the case that profits are realized, in addition to the government’s guaranteeing the security of the initial principle invested? Furthermore,
REI REI is ranked among best 100 companies to work for in the US. It is a retail organization that acts as a cooperative for consumers; that distributes gear for outdoor recreational activities, sportswear, and other clothing products. To enhance the channeling and distribution of their products, REI has several stores in over 33 states
When Obama entered office in January 2009, he had already taken an activist stance for the destiny of his foreign policy. He wanted to restore the image of the United States, especially the Middle East. End the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; extend a hand to Iran; rearrange US relations with Russia as a step
IT Security 3.0 Background Information Advancing Information Technology (IT) has raised concerns about the security risks likely to affect data. Weak IT security is associated with risks such as vulnerability to malware, viruses, and attacks as well as compromise of network systems and services. Inadequate Information Technology security results in compromising confidentiality, integrity, and availability
BMW’s tagline: The ultimate driving machine Strengths In terms of reaching the target market, the tagline fits properly to that market because such people would love the assurance the tagline gives to them. In relation to this fact, the tagline is an efficient marketing strategy for BMW Company because it promotes the company’s products the
Case Study 7 and International Business Part One: The general accounting concepts require the double-entry systems of recording transactions, where assets (Soenen, 2010), debts and purchase are recorded on the debit side of the book entry while liabilities, sales or revenues earned and creditor’s information recorded on the credit side of the book entry. For
Same-sex Marriage in the State of Arizona Introduction             In the recent times, homosexuality has become very common. The laws that surround same sex marriages are quite complicated. Over the last 20 years, numerous cases have been filed in the state of Arizona for the rights of same sex couples to get married. These cases
Health Care provider and Faith Diversity The interview was done to a young Christian man who was 26 years of age. It took place in a hospital. The patient was very welcoming after I had introduced myself and during the period of the interview, he never showed any indications of aggressiveness. He was responding to
Lithium Battery             Lithium battery has high ability that is necessary for improving acceleration and fuel efficiency and used mostly in portable consumer electronics. It is good to be used in hybrid vehicles because of a number of factors. The energy density of lithium ion is typically double the standard nickel cadmium hence making it
Academic Integrity Policy Academic integrity refers to being honest and responsible in  one’s academic work. Every student is expected to make sure that any assignment he/she submits is from individual effort. Academic integrity ensures that students present their original work, express their ideas, and give the source of information for their work. In addition, it