Health Assessment, Health History and Nursing Diagnosis A brief medical/health history The client by the name Ms. Jones is a 92- years old female who has a past medical history of dementia, asthma, osteoarthritis, COPD, and is considered legally blind. She is continent of bowel and bladder and currently lives in a long-term care facility
Blockchain Technology in the Context of Information Security According to [1], Blockchain is a technique for storing data that makes it difficult or impossible for the system to be altered, hacked, or otherwise abused. The distributed, immutable ledger enables the recording of transactions and tracking of both tangible and intangible assets in a business network. The
Abnormal Psychology What is geropsychology, and how is it different than other subfields such as health psychology? Geropsychology is a subfield of psychology that focuses on mental health issues and psychological concerns that arise in older adults. Typical topics this branch of psychology covers include age-related cognitive decline, retirement adjustment, health risk behaviors, and social
Implementing a Value-Based Healthcare Delivery The Healthcare delivery model refers to the mechanisms aimed at providing healthcare services that meet the health-related wants of people. Services in the healthcare sector are delivered and financed by the public and private sectors. The members within a healthcare setting include; Nurses, physicians, nurse assistants, and government-registered dieticians. The
English The end of the civil war left remnants of different natural forms and tools in America  after the end of the civil war. Some of the tools and natural forms remained intact and unfazed, but most were distorted and their original forms altered. An expedition by R.E.C. Stearns shows  some of the forms and
Current State of Quality Management In the wake of technology development, medical science has considerably changed the delivery of healthcare services to patients. The healthcare system has performed below acceptable levels in addressing patients’ needs, safety of care, efficiency of the system, and quality improvement. Christian healthcare administrators should make quality and performance improvement perfect
Health Care Delivery Models and Nursing Practice Current or Emerging Health Care Law or Federal Regulation The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act introduced various reforms in the American healthcare delivery system, particularly to lower the high costs of health in the nation. Former U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Female Offenders In the article “Understanding the Female Offender”, Cauffman identifies victimization and trauma as the principal causes of female offending. Cauffman (2008) agrees that abuse and female offending are intertwined because majority of women engaging in crime are those that suffered from abuses in the past. In this manner, juvenile female offenders engage in
The purpose of this assignment is to apply psychological theories and research findings to practical, real-world issues or problems. Instructions Use the APA Paper Template to complete the following: Write a 3–5 content-page paper that describes a real-world problem from the chosen scenario with support from theory and research. Use one of the following scenarios
Summary of Solutions (3): (Talk about which key uncertainties were a problem due to employee dynamics, what your overall recommendation is to shepherd the employees in this situation, and how your solutions, have either removed or reduced those uncertainties). Additionally, given how they fired thousands of employees over emails recently, even those who were with