To prepare for this Part 1 of your Assignment: Review this week 9 and 10 Learning Resources and media program related to multiple regression. Using the SPSS software, open the Afrobarometer dataset or the High School Longitudinal Study dataset (whichever you choose) found in the Learning Resources for this week. Based on the dataset you
First, Listen to a recording from those found at this website listed in the Learning Resources: UCLA Health. (n.d.). Free guided meditations: Quick links. Read this article listed in the Learning Resources: Garland, E. L. (2013). Mindfulness research in social work: Conceptual and methodological recommendations. Social Work Research, 37(4), 439–448. Describe your experience
Briefly (500 words) describe and critique the word cloud your produce. Specifically, link the major points of smart decarceration that you emphasized with social work ethics using the code of ethics. Then, critique smart decarceration by discussing possible limitations or barriers to the smart decarceration approach (might touch on issues of policy, social work practice,
Please add total 7pages in the paper based on the below reviewer feedback. Please add 7 pages in Ch1, 2, 5. Do not add texts in the Ch3 and 4 which are methodology and statistical finding section. <Reviewer feedback> Literature review – The discussion and application of TAM and UTAUT on Golf App is clear.
Use online materials including pictures, websites, and videos to create a long project about queer history in Denver. The main resources that will be used are: 1. The Center on Colfax: The Center is an LGBTQ+ community center in Denver that has been active since 1976. They have a wealth of information on the history
Question 1: • Why do you think a society would address liability for civil wrongs separately from criminal wrongs? Should a wrongdoer be potentially liable both for civil wrongs as well as for criminal wrongs related to the same wrongdoing? • Sometimes people excuse the damage they cause by saying this was a mistake or
A defining feature of the Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) model is that it provides category-agnostic profiles across a large database of brands. BAV features four key pillars that relate to different aspects of consumers’ brand perceptions. When taken together these pillars reveal brand health. First, identify the four pillars of the BAV model, and what
Assignment Instructions: -You may elect to develop a change management-related POLICY OR you may utilize an existing policy (No company names please) and conduct a complete ANALYSIS of this policy and any/all applicable procedures. Your change management policy or analysis paper should include, but not be limited to, the following: -Synopsis or executive summary of
Leadership Philosophy Paper Minimum Requirements: 9 pages – Plus your APA Student Cover Page & References Page(s) Minimum Reference citations = 10 (include References from the Self-Awareness paper submitted earlier this semester) Minimum in-text citations = 20 (note that the minimum is acceptable for C range papers) Papers must include a high quality Introduction, but
Psych/nurse writer preferred. APA 7th ed. References within 5 years. For Each of the Following Medications List the generic and brand name, mechanism of action, usual dose, indication for use, required monitoring/labs and typical side effects Lithium Carbamazepine Divalproex sodium Lamotrigine Tiagabine HCL Oxcarbazepine