THE PRE-TRIAL CHAMBER   Case before the International Criminal Court: Prosecutor v. Captain Sota and President Somitian   The Defence Counsel’s Submission against any Confirmation of Charges by the Pre-Trial against the Defendants President Somitian and Captain Sota of Sullaney   PUBLIC DOCUMENT   Source: Defence for Captain Sota and President Somitian Table of Contents
Immigration Laws in UK: Their Critical Analysis The immigration laws of the United Kingdom govern the admission, exit, and stay of individuals in the country. It also determines the many activities, such as labour, in which one may engage. The immigration regulations are part of the laws that makes up the Immigration Law of the
HOW CHINA USES SOFT POWER TO EXERT INFLUENCE AROUND THE WORLD Power is derived from the ability to influence through coercion or inducements to attain the desired outcome. A country is powerful if it can get what it wants by directly influencing others through force or incentives. In normal circumstances, a country is deemed powerful
How to Avoid Gender Discrimination at the Workplace Introduction Gender discrimination is an act of treating persons or an individual unequally based on their gender in place of capabilities and individual skills. Below are some of the things to do to avoid Gender Discrimination. Teaching the workers about Gender Discrimination Most of the workers could
Sample Leadership Studies Paper on FedEx’s Leadership and Global Strategy FedEx’s Leadership and Global Strategy             Leadership embodies the essence of inspiring others. Effective leadership is founded on communicating unique and borrowed ideas to others in a manner that engages people sufficiently to perform as the leader desires. A leader encourages people to act while
Sample Business Studies Paper on Deontological Ethics Elizabeth Holmes was labeled the next Steve Jobs because at 19 she dropped out of Stanford University and founded a biotech startup Theranos, which was then called Real-Time Cures. Theranos promised that with just “a single finger prick,” the blood analyzer could inexpensively detect a wide range of
Sample English Paper on AI Is Not A-OK Is AI safe? It’s a question many people have when AI is brought up.  In Maureen Dowd’s opinion piece published October 30, 2021, in The New York Times, “AI Is Not A-OK”, she gives her opinion on the fast-evolving AI and the issues that could follow with
            To me, dentistry is not just about providing the best dental advice and services to my patients and training dental students. It also encompasses using the best technologies and innovations to offer high-quality services to patients and interacting with patients and students effectively. I believe dentistry as a practice thrives when technologies and innovations
Fueling Issues Faced by FBOs The need to change business models and practices has prompted the FBOs to look for new profit-generating ventures in the aviation industry. The need for change attributed to the emergence of business jets that require fueling at almost all stops along the way. According to Airport authorities across most cities,
            Extraneous variables include anything other than the dependent and independent variables in a psychology experiment. These variables often present challenges to the researcher and can also introduce errors in the experiments. Researchers try to control these extraneous variables in order to retain a form of consistency in the psychology experiments. The researchers often achieve