To me, dentistry is not just about providing the best dental advice and services to my patients and training dental students. It also encompasses using the best technologies and innovations to offer high-quality services to patients and interacting with patients and students effectively. I believe dentistry as a practice thrives when technologies and innovations
Fueling Issues Faced by FBOs The need to change business models and practices has prompted the FBOs to look for new profit-generating ventures in the aviation industry. The need for change attributed to the emergence of business jets that require fueling at almost all stops along the way. According to Airport authorities across most cities,
            Extraneous variables include anything other than the dependent and independent variables in a psychology experiment. These variables often present challenges to the researcher and can also introduce errors in the experiments. Researchers try to control these extraneous variables in order to retain a form of consistency in the psychology experiments. The researchers often achieve
Risk Assessment and Aeronautical Decision Making Concepts: A Case Study of Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3e Helicopter Crash Risk assessment is a critical component of operations in any industry. In the aviation industry, failure to carry out proper risk assessment directly puts lives and properties in danger. The 3 July 2015 crash of Airbus Helicopters AS350
            John Donne was the founder of Metaphysical poets.  Though he was known as a poet, it was preaching and great sermons that made him reach his highest fame. To draw parallels between two things is to compare two things and to show how they are similar or different. This work seeks to draw parallel
Many nations, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Qatar top the digital consumer charge with increased rates of smartphone and social media use. Nevertheless, not all countries are at par in terms of digitization, as some businesses and governments struggle to keep up. Based on its history of innovation, the Middle East
Euthanasia At the time when a patient is undergoing suffering that persists and is incurable, the life of such a person may be terminated through some well-considered measures. Such an approach is termed as euthanasia and takes different forms. For instance, there is passive euthanasia whose application is already in place in various hospitals when
The factors that are essential for IT infrastructure decision making include: 1.    Economic Factors-There has been recent financial crisis globally over the spending incurred by infrastructure expenditure. Infrastructure spending can lead to demand stimulus in the short term. In the long run, however, it can lead to economic growth. IT infrastructures that are well-designed lead
With the massive adoption of computing technology, cloud computing has been adopted as a way of storing and transferring data safely. Cloud computing is the process of storing and accessing data and other programs on the internet rather than on the computer’s hard drive. It enables organizations to consume computer resources as a utility rather
Soccer Premier League Introduction Soccer is one of the most adored and watched sport all over the world. The sport has grown significantly over the last 20 years. This can be attributed to the sensation and excitement brought about by major football leagues all over the world. Over the last decade, the popularity of soccer