The Metaparadigm of Nursing Question One Four metaparadigms define the nursing profession namely person, environment, nursing, and health. They establish the scope and content of this particular practice and lay the foundation for the various nursing theories. The concept of health includes the wellness of patients including access to healthcare. The one of environment refers
The number of prison and jail incarcerates is on a steady and progressive decline in the US. Lobby groups were quite amazed at the insatiable appetite of the US federal law enforcement and criminal justice system towards mass incarcerations. Deliberate efforts have been initiated towards depopulation of prisons including reduction of sentences for; drug trafficking
Emergency Management The urgent nature of emergencies leaves responders with little or no room for pre-emptive planning. Therefore to prevent emergency response workers from the ravages of legal suits,  States in the US made deliberate pre-emptive legal schema to protect these relief groups. These laws protect emergency response teams from liability to encourage their future
Leadership Styles in Healthcare In the current clinical settings, quality leadership strategies are essential because they ensure an effective healthcare system that seeks to provide consistently safe and effective care. When it comes to healthcare, policymakers try to achieve their goals by influencing the medical practitioner’s behavior. It is essential for clinical practitioners to recognize
The Europeans were forced to expand into the western hemisphere due to various reasons. Some of the reasons that led to their expansion are; The European nations wanted to increase their resources, which were scarce at the moment. They also escaped the pressure that was caused by their rivals such as Spain and Portugal. The
The advancement in medicine, technology, and improved nutrition has resulted in a rapid increase in the human population. According to the United Nations, the world population is expected to reach 9.2 billion by 2050, an alarming rise from 7.3 billion in 2015 (Australian Academy of Science n.p). As a result, concern about the environmental degradation
Feminism Women’s and men’s experiences within society are inherently different across all societies in the world. Societal gender roles and expectations are the culprits to the differences in experiences. On average, women’s experiences are of great disadvantage compared to the males’, where women are largely treated as second-class citizens. Women’s disadvantage in education, job opportunities,
The establishment and management of Chinese hot-pot restaurant chains have over time shadowed the western mode of business administration. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot is an example of a distinctive Restaurant chain established by its own team of management coupled with specialized promotion and marketing tactics. Marketing can be referred to as the action or
Question one Lucretia Coffin Mott, born in Massachusetts in 1793, was a Quaker preacher and a great orator. She was an abolitionist and a social reformer who strongly advocated for the end of slavery and granting of equal rights to women (Michals np). As an abolitionist, Motts preached against slavery and the slave trade and
Critical Thinking Reflection  Critical thinking plays an essential role in modern times education. The strategies evident in critical thinking are suitable in search of dependable and appropriate knowledge. In the program, I have learned to utilize critical thinking given by the fact that I am not used to drawing my thoughts in research and other