Use of Personal Communication Devices by Nurses Question One Personal electronic devices (PEDs) such as smartphones and tablet computers are a significant and indispensable part of our daily lives. Several researchers have documented the positive impact of personal communication devices in improving nursing services and patient outcome. Such positive results include enhancing communication, improving access
Web/Patient Portals             Patient portals are multipurpose tools that facilitate the active participation of patients in critical decisions involved in their personal healthcare. Through a personal health website, patients enjoy better patient-physician relationships since they have direct access to their physicians on a 24-hour basis through direct and secure messaging. Such relationships can greatly improve
Artificial Robotic Human Companions and their Effect on Society Over the past century, mankind has made tremendous advancements in molding the world around him to be as comfortable as possible for his stay. Thanks to technology, man has achieved great feats, some hitherto technological advancements thought impossible. Landing on the moon, probes to Mars, the
Over the years the world has changed significantly since the beginning of the industrial revolution in terms of population increase, increase in global travel, and change in technology. Industrialization made people in rural areas to relocate in cities so that they could work in industries. There was a need for international integration to ensure that
            The statement “Representation Matters” is widely used to signify the representation of people based on their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, and body shape. The statement has been widely used in TV shows, movies, industries, government offices, constitutions, and education. People believe in what they see thus a good representation is essential.             Representation
Week 2: PICOT/PICo and Practice Questions Will you be using a quantitative or qualitative approach for your EBP project proposal? Implementing ulcers prevention treatments on Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU) requires a quantitative approach (Alderden, et al. 2011). Disease prevention is a medical process that capitalizes on the significance of patients’ statistics, including the rate of
HIE Architecture Models             Health Information Exchange refers to the mobilizing of the clinical information electronically in an institution within a healthcare facility, society, or region. Health Information Exchange architecture models make it possible for clinical data to be transferred among various information frameworks in a health care facility. According to Treku and Xiao (2018),
Juvenile Systems Separate juvenile systems have been in existence for over a hundred years in the US with the aim of encouraging rehabilitation for and diverting young offenders from destructive punishments of criminal court proceedings. Juvenile systems are used to focus on child adolescent who needs assistance as well as to handle youth who are
            The epic of Gilgamesh poses as the oldest serving literature piece that weaves through a narrative of a tyrannical king who gradually changes to an admirable, noble, upstanding, and benevolent king of the ancient city of Uruk (“The Epic of Gilgamesh”, 2011). Through his outstanding character, the author reveals different themes through Gilgamesh’s multiple
Several administrations have thrived from the loud and sometimes silent racial tension in the United States. Tension  [jc1] heralded by implementing policies intending to gag African Americans and other minorities in the United States. Such acts of oppression[jc2]  elicited public outcry necessitating the formation of a ‘public voice’ that represents the public’s perspective. The political class