Customer Wants and PESTEL Analysis Should Health Care Marketers Understand Customers Perception of Products to Monitor Prowess at Addressing and Satisfying Customer Wants and Needs? Understanding customers and their perception of products is an important segment in the healthcare industry since the concept enables the management to effectively promote their commodities. Moreover, the technique helps
Health Information Management In the article “HIM Pros Must Shift from Coding to Health Informatics, Analytics” published on on 1st September 2018, Jennifer Bresnick proffers that the field of health information management is undergoing tremendous shift due to increased demand for skills in healthcare informatics and big data analytics. The trend is a result
“Civil Peace” is a short story by Chinua Achebe, demonstrating the effects of the Civil War on the Nigerian people and the peace that later reigned. The story is set in the aftermath of the war in 1971. The protagonist, Jonathan Iwegbu, managed to keep his bicycle which he uses as a taxi to raise
Response Posts: The Retirement Age of pilots Student 1 The post from this student relates the prospect of increasing the retirement age of pilots to 70 years to real life occurrences and scenarios. The most interesting thing about this post is that the student used some real life examples to deviate from the conventional thought
Strategic Human Resource Management An essential concept in organizations today is strategic human resource management (HRM). According to Holbeche (2008), the primary objective of strategic HRM is to bridge business strategy while focusing on how HR is integrated with the business and its environment. Given its complexity, arriving at a helpful and neat all-encompassing definition
UN Mission in Haiti             Since the beginning of Cold War in 1946, the Haitian political sphere was marred by political violence by political leaders with dictatorial tendencies. The rule of law and democratic principles were set, and in their places, dictatorship and authoritarianism thrived. For several decades, the country lacked a stable and democratic
Background The Messerschmitt Me 262 (double engines, low wing, single seat) is undoubtedly a milestone in Germany’s technological advancement in both jet engines and aerodynamics during the World War II. The Messerschmitt Me 262, which was nicknamed “Schwalbe” (swallow), was the first jet fighter to see combat. The aircraft had the most superior performance among
Design Theory The Selected Task and Brief Demonstration Explaining How it would be Taken Based on the Gagne-Briggs’ Nine Events Design theory can be described as an understanding of the tangible features such as form, space, texture, structure, and composition to attain balance, pattern, and unity (Chakrabarti & Blessing, 2014). The Gagne’s system of instructional
A leader is someone bestowed with the obligation to influence one or several followers while directing them to attain a given objective. As such, the leader has to understand the strength of their juniors and recognize various areas that need some improvement (Sethuraman and Jayshree 165). Furthermore, an effective leader should be able to modify
Toyota’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a standard business practice. CSR is an organizational approach of giving back to the community by providing sustainable development through social, economic and environmental benefits. According to a 2015 study by the Kenexa High Performance Institute, organizations with strict commitment to CSR performed better