Controlling the Opioid Crisis in Florida The opioid crisis has been prevalent in the United States for the past decade, with Florida being one of the most affected. Opioid overdose has reached alarming levels in Florida; this is ravaging families and the state’s public health system. Sustainable measures need to be implemented to contain the
            Communism appeared attractive to Asians because of the immediate success it had achieved in the Soviet Union before the cold war. Communism was instigated by the poor conditions that were experienced by workers in Russia during the industrialization period. The egalitarian nature of communism was very attractive, as it took power and wealth from
            Three years ago, I was confined at home having gone down with the flu. I could not attend classes and the best I could do was watch television and scroll through my Facebook and Twitter timelines. Social media was more interesting than the television, causing me to turn it off and check what I
Katz (9) states that most engineers and architects are concerned with designing and building items that will improve the human condition. They are convinced that their inventions will be used for good and blinded from the fact that they can be improvised for evil too. The most compelling idea from the article by Kant is
Introduction Stories have been created in attempts to explain the origin of the world to give purpose to the existence of life. Most of these stories are human-centered as they try to tell from where people come. Most of the stories of creation can be classified as myths. Some of the sacred texts, including the
            The success of a business relies on various characteristics from their customer service to the quality and details of their products or services. The fashion industry is among the most important contributors to the state of the global economy. This industry promotes investment, trade, and provides employment to many people globally. It also has
Introduction       Hurricane Irma was seen as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history last year and the first in over a hundred years. Irma held 7 trillion watts of energy which is twice as much as all bombs used in World War II thus a force so powerful that earthquake seismometers recorded it. It
Healthcare Financing Access to health care in United States has been an issue of debate since there lacks a uniformed health system. The health care system in U.S. is a hybrid one whereby the services are provided by combining a national health service with a single-payer national health insurance system and multi-payer universal health insurance
Thesis (including advantages and objections): Social media platforms are being used to propagate fake news to an innocent audience who are forced to think in a predetermined direction as intended by political leaders. Topic Sentence for Advantage Section: Advantage 1: Social media platforms have the capacity to spread fake news within a short period of
            Work is a significant component of adult life, and it usually is a thread that runs and weaves a vital sense of self-responsibility which eventually become ones’ identity. Work therefore functions as an anchor to adult life and creates a path for status, success power, learning, self-satisfaction as well as financial stability. Arnett et