Article Review Introduction             Everyone involved in the management of real property or ownership needs to have a deeper understanding of the property taxation system. It is the only way in which the property owners or managers can be in a position to understand how much they are required to pay. It is also the
Globalization is an important factor that drives the economic activities in the world today. Globalization has enabled goods and services to easily move from one part of the world to the next through an increasingly complex system. In most cases, the interaction involves various people, companies, as well as governments through activities like trade, investments,
Economic issues in the current world have contributed to the shift of attention towards how people sustain their living standards. Currently, majorities borrow primarily from the overlapping generation model of economics. In overlapping generation, at the beginning of active human economic life, individuals are endowed with high labor power. Humans often use the high labor
Consequences of Inflation and Unemployment Many countries around the world have over the years put in place measures that would help in reduction of the credit crisis that poses challenges to the level of economic growth and international trade. Different fiscal support measures and the expansion of monetary support from the central banks have resulted
            The recent unwinding of Federal Reserve Bank’s quantitative easing (QE) program introduced in the aftermath of the 2008 economic recession caused ripple effects in many markets across the globe. While there was a need to normalize the Fed’s balance sheet after it was increased significantly to help businesses and economy recover from the 2008
Introduction Understanding the economic environment of any given country depends on the capacity to comprehend the historical happenings in the same country and as such determine how the country has been doing economically. Several factors affect the macroeconomic conditions in a country. Some of these factors including the political environment and corruption hamper the growth
The 2007 – 2008 financial crisis which began in the United States and spread across various economies in the world devastated the U.S properties market. When the housing bubble bursts, the property prices came tumbling leading to lose of investment for both individuals and organizations. The resulting foreclosures left many families and financial institutions in
Macroeconomic Environment of Australia: Past and Present The Australian economy has undergone a diverse range of changes from the nineteenth century to the contemporary times. The country is characterized by a wealth of natural resources, exploited through agricultural practices. Participation in the manufacturing industry and development thereof began actively taking shape in the 1970s with
Real World Problem Depicted The depiction of a tusk-less elephant alongside various types of jewelry and ivory trophies in the first picture clearly presents the poaching problem in the contemporary world. Wildlife poaching has been recognized as one of the biggest challenges to the economic sectors of countries which rely on tourism as a form
Shanghai urban planning has been achieved by the extension of the town to the rural areas, to achieve the full coverage of the city within the scope of planning. The central city that embodies the prosperity and historical characteristics of Shanghai, taking into account the population size, the total construction capacity, the function promotion and