Environmental Health Environmental health is informed by all physical, biological, psychological and chemical factors and their impact on the well being of people, plants and other animals in an ecosystem. It enshrines all possible solutions geared towards disease and contamination prevention and realization of spaces free of disease causative agents (Bhattacharya, Mukherjee, & Gallud, 2016). Various
Classroom Management Introduction Ensuring that lessons progress smoothly without any disruptions can be a challenge in an inclusive classroom where learners have different interpersonal skills and character traits. Interruptions from students often interfere with the effectiveness of learning and compromise the quality of instruction. Teachers have to apply the best practices for classroom management to
            The act was approved by Congress in 1963, since then it has been amended four times with significant amendments in 1970 and 1990. The act aimed at reducing air pollutants and their sources. A series of air pollution episodes led to the formation of the act. In 1952, the London Fog disaster led to
Concept of cyber-stalking as a crime Cybercrime has grown into a prominent variety of crimes in the 21st Century. This development has raised the issue of whether internet-based technologies have created completely new types of crime that require equally new legislative and other approaches to combat, or whether they have simply offered a platform for
Introduction In an inclusive classroom in which students have varying interpersonal skills and character traits, ensuring that the lessons progress smoothly without any disruptions is one of the most difficult goals to achieve. Interruptions from students often interfere with the effectiveness of learning and compromise the quality of instruction. Teachers have to understand the best
There have been changes in delivery preferences in South America, especially in Brazil over the years. Previously, births or deliveries were exclusively done by midwives in most places especially for those who could not afford medical care. Currently, there have been changes in maternity care that have seen home-based midwifery become hospital-based with the assistance
            Road transportation and associated infrastructures play a vital role in defining the economic development of any country. The efficiency and flexibility that come with road transportation make it suitable to provide convenient door-to-door mobility in both the urban and rural areas of any economy. Road transport provides the necessary intermodal transport solution that links
Introduction             The sports communication profession has undergone a series of transformations since the invention of sports. During the First World War when sporting activities were gaining popularity across the globe, the primary sources of information were print publications and newspapers. Sports communication professionals would gather information which was verified through multiple sources before being
Communist Defeat of Nationalists in China In the first half of the 20th century, China was fighting for its sovereignty, wadding off attacks from a Japanese invasion, and participating in the Second World War. At the home front, trouble was brewing between Mao Zedong’s Communist Party and Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT), which had ruled
Krista Soria – Response Libraries are an important part of any higher learning institution as it provides a platform for undergraduates to conduct research. The knowledge contained in different reading materials found in libraries enables students to mine data that is relevant to their learning interests. In some institutions, undergraduates are encouraged to review past