Introduction Technological advancements and globalization in the contemporary society have resulted in the identification of e-commerce as one of the tenets of economic development across the world. Several countries in the GCC and across the world have established laws that guide electronic commerce and guide the use of different electronic transactions. Aspects such as e-signatures,
Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom Approaches Technology and education are the primary features of any economic growth and stability of a country as they enhance the level of political and civic engagement (Shivam & Singh, 2015). To build an economy there are two important mechanisms integrated into the approach the human and physical capital. Human
Non-Nursing Theories Numerous nursing theories have been developed to assist physicians in answering queries, offering solutions to problems, and describing a given phenomenon (Smith & Parker, 2015). However, the discipline similarly incorporates borrowed models to facilitate healthy living and providing quality care to patients. As such, non-nursing frameworks are conceptual contexts derived from different occupations
Women Education in Yemen Background Being one of the poorest countries in the Arab world, Yemen has over the years faced different challenges that have limited its development in various perspectives.  The Yemeni Civil War that commenced in 2015 has changed the lives of many individuals in the country. However, these developments do not apply
Discussion 6 Upon inspecting Dressing the Dead Girl (1850) by Gustave Courbet, one notices that the despite the drawing appearing as if it was a woman being dressed for a merry occasion, the drawing actually depicted a body of a girl being washed for a burial. According to the radiographic examination, some content was over
Health insurance is a form of financing an individual’s health care expenditure either by the employer or a medical insurance organization. Whereas the majority of the personnel are entitled to private health insurance, others receive the benefit based on programs initiated by the U.S authority (Barnett, Jessica and Marina 1). Consequently, lack of insurance cover
The Clean Air Act The environment is a vital essence of life in the planet, which needs to be protected against damage from uncontrolled human activities. In an attempt to prevent further degradation to the environment, governments enact and enforce policies and legislations to ensure environmental sustainability. One such legislation is the Clean Air Act,
Every time Maracle felt less a woman she convinced her mind that she was a woman. She thought that the positions women assume in the community are because of whites’ conception and infiltration. Maracle set her mind free as a woman and ceased to worry about the concerns of the ordinary woman. She feels that
Management consulting is the generation of value for institutions or companies, through the use of various techniques, knowledge, and assets to enhance productive operations and the performance of a business. This is accomplished by providing clients with objective advice and the implementation of organization solutions. The consultancy profession is worth a while whereas, on the
Abstraction in Art Abstraction is the act of drawing out the essential qualities in a thing. Pablo Picasso is one artist who mastered this style of painting. Pablo’s father was a painter, and this influenced Pablo’s career choice of becoming a painter. He started studying Art aged eleven, and some of his notable influencers include