Introduction In the world of Christianity, there are so many things that remain confusing amidst Biblical teaching. God has given man the power of choice and whether one uses that power positively or not, depends on the choices one makes. Even the choice to follow God benefits only those who make that choice. The Bible
Law and Legal System as an Important Background for Business Owners             Law is the result of political action, and the political landscape is vastly different from nation to nation. Law performs a key function in the business improvement process in general and a pivotal position in the growth of personal business especially. The legal
The civil war left indelible scars on the history of Arkansas, which deranged the recovery process. Prelude to war, (late 1850s) Arkansas’ economy had blossomed due to the prevalence of the slavery regime that enabled subsistence agriculture. The state produced cotton on a large scale, which was boosted by the escalating prices of the crop. 
Culture and Education Culture and students’ learning and instructional delivery cannot be divorced from each other. Case in point, they are interdependent. The cultural patterns of a given society greatly influence the educational pattern of the area. For instance, given that the culture of a particular place entails a spiritual pattern, the main focus of
Introduction                                                                                                 Gender equality has gained attention from diverse groups including governments, students, non-governmental organizations, religious leaders, and the community. Although the subject has gained prominence in the modern society through feminist movements, gender equality dates its roots back to 1792 when Mary Wollstonecraft, a writer, philosopher, and women’s rights activist, put forward her principles for
Skylab is considered the first and the last space station (all-American) to orbit the Earth. It was the second space station ever created after Salyut 1 that was created by the Soviet Union. A lesson learned from Skylab is the need to put footholds and handles in future space stations to enhance the safety and
Community Assessment: Tillsonburg, Ontario Community Assessment Overview A survey was conducted in Tillsonburg identify community needs and challenges. The objective of the exercise was to promote the prioritization of the needs according to their urgency to approach assisting the community in the best way. Based on the surveys, the healthcare sector is the most pressurized
The current Internet It is obvious that it took the effort of several important people to come up with the internet every individual is presently enjoying. Some of these people included the pioneers and the technicians who were landing a submarine cable on a beach at Portugal. For instance, In Silical Valley, Blum met the
Ever since time immemorial, man has strived to continuously improve his life and the general standards of living. This has led to a myriad of inventions some of which positively influence human lives with others resulting in tremendous distractions. The advent of technology has not only simplified life but also resulted in negative implications (Shurtleff
Brand Extension Assignment Brand The brand considered in this extension is the iPhone. The iPhone is very popular in North America, Europe, and China. However, despite its global appeal, it has yet to make inroads in Africa and most of the Asian market. The reason for the company not considering these markets is the low