Week 1- Entropy and FAA             Entropy relates to the disorder or order of a system, and it is mostly referred to as the time’s arrow as it only moves in one direction. The concept can be defined as the degree of random activities within a system. Typically, a system’s entropy vastly depends on an
Meteorology & Climatology             Both meteorology and climatology entail the study of atmospheric weather conditions and their effects on human life. The difference between the two has to do with the time scope that each encompasses. A meteorologist studies the weather over a few days and makes predictions of how the weather will be over
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one in every six Americans is affected by the contaminated food. As such, the syndicate is responsible for enhancing food safety in the U.S. CDC in conjunction with other federal agencies such as PulseNet builds and facilitates local capacities to increase surveillance and inquiries on the foodborne
The study of terrestrial magnetism has revealed that all planets, with the exception of Venus, have or once generated magnetic fields. The research on planetary magnetic fields intensified after it was discovered that magnetic field plays a crucial role in navigation of the planets. The Earth has been central to the investigations of this nature
Spiritual Hero A spiritual hero is a leader who unlocks not only his/her potential but also the potential of everyone else. He/she can tap into the consciousness that exists within the world to facilitate overall goodness. A spiritual hero has the call to remedy all problems that face humanity currently, whether it is social injustice,
Psychology Physical development Prenatal, infancy, and toddlerhood (pre-birth to 2 years) Limited or restricted physical activities, for example, living the baby in the crib is a risky factor that can trigger numerous health complications including slower development of  muscle tissues and body impairments in all spheres of growth. The muscle tissues already increases little by
Maxine Greene: Wide Awake and Morality While exploring the concept of education and its relevance to human life, Maxine Greene brings forth the concept of wide awakeness. He attributes fullness of life to being awake, such that one can be able to think about and actually initiate projects that would benefit other men both in
            Negroponte was of the opinion that it is possible for children to intuitively learn how to use computers and start programming without express instructions from teachers. This was derived from the observations made on small children who learn how to speak, crawl, walk and do other things as a result of their interaction with
The Evolution of Military Leadership Basing on the Management of Junior Officers Junior officers play a crucial role in the military, a role that is increasingly becoming complex. The complexity of their roles is manifested in the enhanced communication capabilities, dispersed operations, highly decentralized command, and the uncertain operating environment. Also, the U.S. Army training
Barriers to Cultural Competence Despite the fact that the need for cultural competence in healthcare is well-know, the integration of cultural competence procedures in most healthcare settings is not yet a reliability. Cultural competency is the ability of health care corporations and health specialists to offer care that is safe, patient‐centered, evidence‐based and justifiable. However,