Low Wage Work             I interviewed a female worker at a local firm where she was employed. She worked as a secretary and was employed through her uncle’s who persuaded her to apply for the position when it fell vacant. Though she could not offer details about her uncle, I was made to believe that
How the Location Based Services Help Companies to Market a New Product The ever-growing markets for Location based services (LBS) greatly influence the business industry by increasing competition in the market (Porter & Heppelmann, 2015). Due to the technological advancements that are on the rise, it is estimated that the sector will realize a massive
Sharjah International Airport Internship Report Executive summary This is a report compiled by an intern at the Sharjah International airport comprising its seven departments. Sharjah International Airport is a multinational airport that is located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and it is only 15 km away from Dubai the capital city of U.A.E. The Department
Was Apple’s CEO a Technocrat? Managerial performance and skills form an important subject in any organisation due the importance of leadership. Nowadays, business organisations are faced with scarceness of resources and a competitive commerce environment. Thus, the need to have a manager who can ultimately lead an organisation to success cannot be underestimated. Consequently, theorists
Symptoms of Black Death Black Death is a plague that originates from bacteria known as Yersinia pestis, which multiply extremely fast and overwhelms the body’s capacity to fight infections (Slavicek, 2008). The disease is normally spread through fleas, which suck blood from infected animals. Other methods of transmission include air and pneumonic method. Hence, the
Airport Planning & Management What are some of the various terminal design concepts that have existed over the history of civil-use airports? One of the concepts is single unit terminals which contain all necessary passenger processing capacities for a certain air carrier in a single unit structure. The other one is combined unit terminals where
Marketing Channels Analysis Nature’s pet food supplies and marketing utilizes different channels.  Three of the main channels includes In-store, Social media and Online marketing channels. Thus, consumers can access information about pet’s products from these sources. A number of people/players are engaged in the process to enhance the efficiency of the channels. The variety of
Recruiting, Hiring and Employee Training The six aspects of the leadership loop include, Get upper management buy-in and direction, and establish a steering committee, put a design team in place, develop a timeline, make a contingency diagram, develop preventive strategies. The most common example of feedback in the workplace is that of a supervisor giving
The Case Against Civil Disobedience Herbert J. Storing Storing criticizes civil disobedience in two different perspectives; a more radical view supported by people like Malcolm X and the perspective that civil disobedience does not show sufficient respect for the law. In this response, I agree with Storing’s argument that civil disobedience has numerous shortcomings that
Leadership Myths             Effective leadership in aviation is crucial to achieving the set targets, but there are myths that may mislead individuals to perceive leadership differently. The first myth is concerned with position, citing that a person cannot lead when he/she does not hold a high position in office ( Belker, McCormick, and Gary 123).