Case Study Paper on Introduction to Emergency Services and Ability Testing

Introduction to Emergency Services and Ability Testing

   Construction is a high hazard field that involves many activities. Workers engage in many actions that expose them to danger like falling down from heights, and being struck by machines among others. It is therefore important that information and resources are provided in the industry to identify, mitigate, and reduce construction-related hazards (McCollum, 2007).

            Mac as a carpenter’s helper did well in learning on the job. l would similarly take keen interest to learn about building and construction, and go to study further the same subject to add theoretical aspect to my practical experience. This is because classroom experience would most likely add more knowledge like the behavior of buildings in case of a fire outbreak, hazards that happened during building, construction, renovation, and demolition.

        I would, however, be as well interested in how to handle the different building types in case of fire. This is in terms of how to go about putting out the fire effectively within the shortest time possible. I would have done a lot more in finding out ways to ensure shortcuts done during construction are minimized in order to ensure fewer accidents happen. Having worked as a

carpenter’s helper, l would have gone back to the carpenter to enlighten him about the dangers he was exposed to. This way, l would have saved many lives as opposed to thinking about my own safety alone, since many people work on construction industries.

            Building and construction like any other field has its challenges, especially if rules and regulations are not adhered to or if laid procedures are not properly followed (McCollum, 2007).

Good knowledge, experience, and understandings are therefore very crucial as well as doing periodical refreshers to be up to date with information.


MacCollum, D. (2007) Construction safety engineering principles. UK: McGraw-Hill education.