Case Study of an Online Public Meeting Video

Case Study of an Online Public Meeting Video

During the normal duties of making laws, the Miami county government required a debate on the second hearing of the budget. The Miami government invites the audience to participate on the agenda of the day. Members of the county government convene for a meeting to debate and approve the budget for the next financial year. This would help in reducing the inflation rates experienced by the residents of Miami. The audience gives their opinion through video link and emails. Nodding of the head is one of the non-verbal messages that were used to show disagreement with the speaker’s opinion. There were two groups in this discussion and experts were involved to air out their views on the issue. City manager Daniel J. Alfonso stresses on the importance of passing the budget to the residence of Miami. On the other hand, Commissioner Frank Carollo is hesitant to approve the budget before some changes are made on it (City of miami). He tries to explain to the audience the implications of approving the budget as it is without making alterations on contentious issues.

Non-verbal messages

The argument is very healthy because of the fact that both of the selected individuals express their ideas professionally and with a lot of respect. The city manager behaves in a professional manner while restraining from coded language that would have inhibited the purpose of the meeting. This influences the audience to get a feeling of confidence. From the opponents’ side, the debate raises the emotions of the audience. Raising the hand and nodding the head were used to convey messages through non verbal reactions. They also used facial expressions to show their feelings and convey feedback.

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