Case Study – Managed Care Research Paper Sample

Case Study – Managed Care

The point of service (POS) health insurance plan would be the most preferable for the family of five. The POS plan is different from the other popular health insurance plans.  For instance, it offers increased flexibility of heath care at lower costs than other expensive plans available in the current health care industry. The POS plans are the effective managed care plans that provide out of network insurance covers. The family would have the opportunity to access health care services form other specialists and services. The HMOs, PPOs, and the PPS are the most used health care plans (Claxton et al., 2013). The HMOS limits the patients to a limited network of the registered doctors and health care practitioners, while the PPOS providers wider health coverage with flexibility to access health care outside the signed health care. POS health care plans have mixed features of the HMOs and PPOs plans.

In terms of costs, POS plans are 50 per cent cheaper than the other health care insurance plans. Thus, it would be more affordable for the family to take on the POS health plans for their easy access to quality health care (Abdelhak, Grostick, & Hanken, 2015). The deductibles of the POS plans can be costly since at times the patients may be required to pay higher costs to see a doctor. The benefits of the POS plans outweigh the costs incurred in the operations of the plans. For instance, the POS plans allow the patients access out of network health care easily (Ellis, Jiang & Kuo, 2013). The POS plans are more suitable to patients who are in constant demand for outpatient medical services. In addition, the patients benefit from the increased geographic flexibility to enhance the convenience in the access of medical care services. Therefore, the POS plans are the most affordable and suitable health insurance plan for the family.


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