Case Study Essay Sample on Similarities and Differences

Similarities and Differences

Maria and Danny have kept in touch for over ten years now. Although they are in different locations and assignments, they have a strong networking platform. In my case, this is a similarity because I have tried to keep in touch with several friends and relatives, kept their contacts and addresses, and maintained a close relationship regardless of the distance between us. Keeping such links and connections has been a challenge to overcome but through social media, and the cheap calling rates, we have always communicated and followed on each other’s welfare.

The competence and skillful working of the two friends is also common in me. Through training and experience in my career, I have learnt to be diligent and thorough in everything I engage myself in. The technical work by the two friends builds their hard work and helps them to serve people as well as earn a living. In this heart of service, I have grown up the ranks in my career and always find joy to help, especially in danger zones, where lives are in danger. Such sacrifice is encouraging and its practice is ever rewarding.

Although fire safety is a risk career, the two friends have shown great determination to serve the affected and appear when duty calls. Emergency fire alarms may ring any time and one has to be always prepared. This has been my case too as I deliver my duties to clients who need work to be done in strict deadlines and in perfection. The two friends are also responsible enough even to have a vision for their future and the future of many. This has also been a driving force and a cause to work harder always.


            The two friends have some differences as far as I am concerned. Different career choice is common to me too. This may be an influence of our tastes and preferences, which leads people to various professions. Personally, I am not well versed at working with children, and this may be a major difference to Danny’s case. In addition, I am not well equipped with all details in my line of career because teamwork has enabled me to do my part, leaving the rest of a particular responsibility to the people delegated to it. Maria decides to be a volunteer person, which may be hard for many people. This is a difference to my choice of working in corporate companies, and doing business.