Business Studies Sample Essay on New Infant Formula Content


To: Employees of Nutritech Pharmaceuticals

From: (student name)

Date: 14th November, 2014

Subject: New Infant Formula Content

Dear Nutritech Pharmaceuticals Team,

Here at Nutritech we are so happy to introduce a new infant formula product that we are hoping will be of high nutritional benefit to the infants. I believe each one of us is anticipating that the formulation of this new product will be achieved in the near future. From the survey conducted on mothers  who were pregnant for the first time, there are enough reasons on why each member of Nutritech Pharmaceutical should support this project. The findings from the survey gave a clear indication that the mothers are aware that the ingredients we are hoping to incorporate in the new formulation are important to the infants. This is an indicator that the new infant formula product we have planned to come up with will have market, which will in turn increase returns for our company.

From the survey conducted on the pregnant mothers for the first time, it was noted the mothers have the knowledge of the ingredients, which are necessary for the healthy growth of their infants. The key area that raised an issue to be addressed is on the responses given in regard to chlorine and lead. 98% of the interviewed mothers responded that chlorine is important and on lead, 4% responded that it was an important component in infant nutrition. This is an issue that should be addressed since we know that these components are poisonous, and of most importantly to be addressed is lead since this component is lethal to human health (Annie 3-4).

As a team member, I suggest that we should establish strategies that will be used to create awareness to the mothers about the harmful effects of Lead and Chlorine. Among the strategies that can be used to create awareness and educate the mothers on the crucial components of infant formulation include use of posters, performing open air campaigns or organizing seminars at facilities providing maternal care. Our new infant formula will surely have a good reputation after the mothers acquire information and the composition of an appropriate infant nutrient formulation.

 I have attached graphs showings the results of how the mothers responded in regard whether the ingredient is important or not important.

The graphs above show how the mothers responded on the importance of the ingredients they were interviewed on. The results as presented in the graphs above are promising that the new infant formula content our pharmaceutical company is in the process of coming up with will have a market. From the graphs, it is evident that these mothers, who were pregnant for the first time, had the knowledge on most of ingredients and they acknowledged them of being important in infant’s food formulations. This shows that the ingredients we have planned to incorporate in the new infant formulation will draw the attention of mothers, which and this will make them buy our product.

Thank you all as well look forward in achieving this big goal of coming up with this new brand of infant formulation.

Kind Regards,

Student Name 

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