Business Studies Research Proposal Paper on Enterprise Mobile App

Homework Question on Enterprise Mobile App for Mining Company


In this assignment 1 you are the Manager of a department in a global multinational company (the type of organization/industry/business/service will be assigned to you via an email from the course examiner)

In the light of the increasing number of your employees using their own mobile devices (BYOD) for work purposes, you have come up with an idea for a smartphone mobile app for a particular problem that will help improve the workflow, communications and productivity of your staff, both in-house as well as with company employees across the globe.

The concept of the app does not have to be particularly sophisticated or innovative for the purposes of this course. We are more interested in the processes and issues involved rather than the end product itself, and the app is therefore to be considered only as a means to an end. So an adaptation of an existing product or solution is acceptable.

For the purposes of this Assignment 2 you are now the CIO of the multi-national company (you identified in Assignment 1).

As the CIO you are impressed with the concept of the app presented to you in Assignment 1 by the Manager, and have commissioned, on your behalf, a senior member of your ICT department to prepare a comprehensive report to the CFO of the company presenting a case for the strategic development, implementation and integration of the app within the existing organizational and information systems framework.

There are a number of technical and non-technical issues that need to be fully researched and investigated in writing up your report with specific reference to the proposed app from Assignment 1. Clearly state any assumptions you have had to make in attempting to address any of the topics.

The report will include:

150-175 words for each task

Executive summary

  • The problem
  • The concept and solution (do not repeat the UI diagrams from Assignment 1)
  • Key features of the app
  • Business case
  • Target audience
  • Strategic alignment within the organization’s business and IT strategies
  • Value proposition and other benefits
  • Infrastructure requirements including
  • 8.1. Development platforms
  • 8.2. Coding languages and tools
  • 8.3. Use of cloud services
  • Software design, development and testing strategie
  • Internationalization for a global market
  • strategies
  • Risk management – privacy, security, confidentiality, ethical issues etc.
  • Deployent and integration strategies
  • User acceptance and change management
  • Legacy systems
  • 15.1. Database integration
  • 15.2. Enterprise data integration
  • Maintenance
  • Future opportunities and enhancements
  • Recommendations and conclusion


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Homework Answer on Enterprise Mobile App for Mining Company

Assignment Two

  1. The Problem

The Newmont mining corporation is a mining company that specializes in extraction of minerals such as gold, silver and copper. The company is located in Greenwood, Colorado and it is a leader in the mining industry. However, in the recent past, it has experienced communication challenges in its HR department. This has affected the way the HR department communicates with other departments in the company and to a great extent it has affected employees’ productivity. The problem has further affected decision making processes in the company (Krishnan, Muncherji & Dhar 2009, p. 299). Therefore, it would be important to deal with this problem as soon as possible so that the company can retain its position in the mining industry.

  1. The Concept and Solution

In order for the company to deal with the above problem, the manager has suggested that the company can develop a mobile based app that will be used to facilitate communication in the company. Once the proposed app has been deployed into the system, it is expected that the HR department will be able to communicate with employees and other departments effectively.

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This will solve majority of the challenges in the company thereby improve work flow and increase productivity among employees. The concept is to develop an interactive app that will be enticing to employees (Cohen & Burns 2015, p. 220). Then train employees to use it to communicate with one another and with the HR department.