Business Studies Research Paper on Professional and Educational Aspirations

Professional and Educational Aspirations

Background and Interest

Being an Assistant Manager at McDonald’s and having a Bachelors’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, I want to pursue my doctorate degree in Business Administration at the North-Central University. My decisive act to apply for the degree in Business Administration is because I desire to enhance my career and become a professor of an online business college. This is initiated from my prior experience (Strand & Winston, 2008) with criminology, whereby I have had fascinating influences about the management of individuals and crime investigation using the most recent technology. This experience made me become involved with a specified branch of online Business Administration as my primary objective.

Personal/Professional Vision

My ambition to become a professor of an online college for business studies will be achieved five years when I complete my doctorate degree. My previous courses pursued during my previous bachelors’ degree gave me the opportunity to use and put into perspective the expertise I have previously gained from personal knowledge (Thompson, 2006).

North Central and My Personal and Professional Development Scheme

Given an opportunity to enhance my studies at North Central University, I will deepen my experience and broaden my perspectives, especially in online studies because of the presence of (Information Technology) IT facilities within the institution.

North Central Resources

The university offers several IT facilities and a good environment for my professional development in online business programs.

Two outside Resources

In my previous degree program, I wrote literature on criminology as well as on psychology.

Response Post

Therefore, having the opportunity to pursue a doctorate degree will assist me hone my skills in Business Administration that I have not encountered before (Rojewski, 2005). Having studied in the university before, I have confidence and familiarity with faculty professors and I believe that they can equip me with good leadership skills. This will make me realize the impact of a doctorate degree in business administration both personally and as a future professional.


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